Would Love to Shoot #4 - Allegra, Asia Perez & Mandy Monroe

I've been back in the swing of things the last few weeks getting in some photos with Amelia and Alaynah. With photo shoots set for Sunday with Aspen, and Monday with Mindee, I love being behind the camera again on a regular basis. When this warm weather hits, I try to make the most of it.

With that being said, there are so many more of my models that I want to get back in front of the camera. There are also some models I've never shot before that I'd love to shoot for Soles of Silk. If you've read any of the last three blogs in this series, you'll know that some of these girls I might have talked to about shooting with one day. Other girls, however, I might have never exchanged a single word with and I'm just a fan. Either way, I love all the girls' work who appear in this blog series and think they deserve praise - even if I'm not lucky enough to photograph them myself one day.

Now onto the three newest girls in the "Would Love to Shoot" series...


Twitter: @AllegraCee
Website: (poses for various sites)

I actually missed out on shooting Allegra for Soles of Silk at the end of 2012. We were in contact on Twitter for a couple of weeks when she was set to be in town. Since I usually don't do many shoots in the winter (cold weather and I prefer outdoor sets), I was going to find a place to shoot and add this fun loving beauty to the model roster.

For whatever reason we were never able to make plans and the window of opportunity closed while she was in town. Now that she's back in Florida, it will take for one of us to be traveling to make this happen. I do hope to finally meet Allegra in person and do some photos with her. I think her photos are getting better and better each time I see her pop up on various foot fetish sites on the web. In addition, she promises me that her feet can get quite sweaty/smelly, so I'm looking forward to finding out for myself.

Asia Perez

Twitter: @Asia_Perez
Website: http//www.facebook.com/OfficalAsiaPerezFanPage

I exchanged some tweets with Asia months ago just to introduce myself and praise her work. Just this week I inserted myself into one of the longest Twitter conversations between Asia and several other photographers/webmasters. We all had a blast making light of some things we've all experienced and I feel like, even if only a little, got to see how fun Asia can be. That's something I really love about a model who shoots for me - professional or amateur. If a girl can just have fun and enjoy doing photos, finding neat places, or doing interesting themes, it just makes the experience memorable. With a few other photographers praising Asia for her ability to have fun during shoots, it just makes me want to shoot her even more.

Of course anyone who knows me also knows of one of my biggest weaknesses - Asian girls. It's one of those things that's hard to explain, so I don't even try. I love Asian women. So to see one as cute and fun as Asia who loves posing her little feet, how could I not want to meet her and burn up a few camera batteries taking countless photos?

Mandy Monroe

Twitter: @MandyMonroeXXX
Website: www.mandymonroe.com

It's been months since I've talked with Mandy Monroe. I found her on Twitter because of another kink of mine that I won't spend time talking about right now. I saw that Mandy posted a few photos of her plump little toes for her foot fans and I had to tell her I loved them. She responded quickly and was nothing but nice and thankful for the compliments.

Shortly after that first Twitter conversation I told Mandy about Soles of Silk and told her it would be awesome to have her in front of my camera one day. She agreed and said she'd love to. We talked for a bit more and I playfully told her that my site is a LOT more conservative when it comes to what is shown than what she's used to. She laughed, but said it would still be fun. So while Mandy is used to doing adult work, she also knows just how erotic her bare feet can be without showing anything else.

In the past I've taken girls who were used to doing adult work and focused on their feet with amazing results. Hopefully Mandy Monroe joins that list one day. If not, however, at least I know she'll be busy having fun doing some other things I find ultra kinky.

* The majority of the photography seen in this blog series does not come from Soles of Silk. Please see the watermarks on the photos themselves for the ownership of each picture as some of the models have posed for many sites.