Friday, May 31, 2013

Soon to Join the 1K Club

When I was still making all my posts in the columns section of Soles of Silk, I would always do a model profile on a model when she reached the 1,000 photo mark. I came to call this the 1K Club. When a model reaches this mark, I like to give praise and take a look back at all the sets she has done from her debut to present. I've come to call this a "footgraphy," which is sort of like a filmography on a DVD.

While this column isn't focusing on a model reaching the 1K Club, it is focused on the fact that very soon, three different models will be hitting the 1,000 mark. This is rare as there are only nine models who have done this. Those models include: Cierra (2,075), Mindee (1,858), Madison (1,832), Layla (1,802), Kellie (1,610), Wendy (1,421), Jordana (1,266), Kayleigh (1,241), and Kimmie (1,094).*

So since 2004, when Soles of Silk opened, only nine models have accomplished this feat and now three more are set to join the club this summer. Off the top of my head, I've only ever had two models hit the 1,000 photo mark in the same year, let alone three within weeks.
The models who are set to join the 1K Club are: Charlee (992), Abby (990), and Kelsey (907). Both Charlee and Abby have sets already shot that are waiting to be posted. Kelsey is set to pose for me in mid-June, so by the end of our day she'll have enough photos in the can to break the 1,000 mark.

There is also a possibility that a fourth model could hit the mark before the year is out. Jamie has 834 photos on the site and has enough sets in the can to break the mark and is slated to pose for some more during July. Whether or not I'll be able to post the 166 photos it would take before the end of 2013 or not, will be the question. So for right now, I won't count her as one of the definites.

When Charlee, Abby, and Kelsey join the club, expect to see a footgraphy that chronicles all of their sets, posted and unposted, as well as link to samples from every set. These differ from the "Get to Know" pieces I began doing here on the site's blog, which are general pieces about a random models on the site.

Be sure to check back soon as both Charlee and Abby will have their footgraphy posted with their very next sets. Kelsey's might be on her next set if we do a rather large one. If not, she probably has two sets to reach the mark.
To make things even better, all three models will be posing for more content before the summer is out. It might take them a bit more time to join the 2K Club, however. That just gives me something to look forward to for a few years. I adore each girl and their feet, so I sure as hell don't mind doing 1,000 more photos with each!
In closing I want to leave you with a view of each of these girl's feet. After all, who doesn't like pictures - especially ones of soles and toes as cute as the ones below?

Charlee is 8 photos shy of 1,000.

Abby is 10 photos shy of 1,000.
Kelsey is 93 photos shy of 1,000.
* All photo counts reflect the model's status at the time this blog was written

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