Saturday's Shoot - Abby

At the end of May I was treated to seeing Abby's wrinkly soles again for the first time since 2018. I was so happy to have her return to Soles of Silk and many of you were as well. I knew it was only a matter of time before we'd be getting back together to take a few more photos and Saturday was that day.

While we only ended up shooting two sets because we bullshitted so much and then ended up watching WWE Summerslam, the two we did are ones I know you're going to love. Let's take a look at them here on the latest shoot blog.

Set 1: Lounging in the Living Room

Abby and I decided to kick things off in the most comfortable way - a set sitting on her living room couch. We were already there talking, so why not stay there? I moved my photo lights into position and those soft soles were kicked out to the camera to get things underway.

There was no elaborate theme going on here and no props besides some pillows. While themes/props are always fun to include, sometimes it's just nice to see a woman relaxing and showing off her pretty feet. I'm sure you all can appreciate that. As a matter of fact, I sometimes wonder if some of the themes I include even matter to some of you? I'm sure they do, but I know deep down, you're here for those feet - especially legendary ones like Abby's.

Set 2: Strawberry Crunch Cake

Before I arrived at Abby's house, my plan was to stop at the grocery store to find some fun food for her to step in. It has been ages since she's done a messy feet set and she loved the idea. On the way over to her house, however, I asked her if she just wanted to go to the store with me and find something together. She said sure and that's exactly what we did after finishing up the first set.

The food item that Abby picked out was a small strawberry crunch ice cream cake. I warned her how about how cold the cake was going to be and how other models have found ice cream to be unbearable. She assured me she'd be fine and was wanting something cool on her feet. I said okay, but was honestly worried it would be too much for her feet to take.

Once we made it back to Abby's house, we set up on her dining room table. Abby then had her way with that pink cake. And just like she promised, the cold didn't bother her one bit. She had a blast and looked adorable making a mess. She loved how it felt between her toes and I hear that every time I shoot a food set. My models just seem to love doing them.

While Abby didn't get in as many sets as we had hoped, we still had a great turn out and had a nice, relaxed evening hanging out. We do have plans to get together again soon, maybe even this weekend. One of the sets we planned does have a bunch of props and will also be quite messy. I won't spoil that, but we wanted to do it right and not force it when we were running out of time.

It's been so nice having Abby back on Soles of Silk. I love seeing her photo count rise higher and higher with each new set. For all you Abby fans out there, expect to be seeing her on a regular basis as I think there will be many new sets of her coming your way.

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