Saturday's Shoot - Ava

It's been a few months since I have shot any new sets. After shooting a bunch of content with Ava, Allie, Noelle, Leena, and Charlee over the summer, I tried to focus on updating the site with some of the older, unpublished content. Now that I've gotten through a good bit of that, along with some of those recent sets, I've been making plans to shoot again with a handful of the models.

As she has so many times this year, Ava jumped at the chance to shoot again. We actually made two dates to shoot here with the first one wrapping up just a few hours ago. We managed to shoot two sets before she had to run out for some evening plans. Our plan is to back together on Monday for a couple more. What we got in today, however, are sets that I think many of you are going to love. After you see the samples for each, you'll understand why I told Ava today that she should be my official footwear model. Every time we throw in a pair of sneakers, or in one of the sets today, boots, the sets turn out next level.

Ava is a pro at slowly removing her footwear in a slow manner to tease all of us.

Set 1: Ugg Boots

Since it's November the weather is starting to get a little chilly. When Ava texted me around 9:30 a.m., she said she was going to wear a jacket or long sleeves. I said that was fine. We had already discussed her wearing blue jeans today since it was going to be in the low 50's.

It was after that discussion that we came up with an idea. Ugg Boots. She was looking to keep warm and what keeps a woman's feet warmer than Ugg Boots? I used to hate these types of boots, but they grew on me after massaging Madison's feet fresh from hers on numerous occasions years ago. While they don't make the feet stink, per se, they do come out nice and warm, sometimes even a little damp.

The spot we went with for this set was one we found just driving around. We were headed over to some ball fields and saw a long walkway weaving through the nearby neighborhood. With benches, bushes, and some trees lining the sidewalk, we decided to use one of the benches facing the sun. Honestly, for something so simple, it just seemed to fit like a glove... or is that, "Like an Ugg?"

We figured the poles on the bike rack would make for some fun poses.

Set 2: Black & Blue Sneakers

For our second set, we headed to a nearby school. My initial idea was to use the stone walls around the flag court, but ultimately we decided to go with a bike rack. There was a little more privacy in that area and we thought the diagonal poles could help with some unique poses. That turned out to be the case.

Just like with her past sneaker sets, Ava's feet looked amazing coming out of her black and blue Nike high tops. If you want to check out a photo where you can see those shoes, I posted one in a Tweet on the Soles of Silk Twitter account (@SolesofSilk) earlier.

When it came to Ava's outfit, wearing the black shirt with the blue jeans made the set match so well. Add in her white pedicure and the white trim on the shoes, it couldn't have been any more color coordinated. Since I love color in my sets, and vibrant colors at that, I took notice of this right away and commended her on the clothing she picked out.

After this second set Ava had to catch up with friends so we wrapped up after shooting a video clip. I'm hoping that we get good sunlight like this on Monday. Clocks go back an hour tonight, so the sun will be going down earlier by time we shoot again. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that we'll have time to do another two sets. 

No matter what we get in on Monday, it will move Ava into sole possession, pun intended, for the lead in the 2021 Star Model set tally thus far. Right now she's tied with Charlee for 10 sets shot in 2021. If I know Ava, I'm sure she'd love to add to that total another time or two before the end of the year. Guess I'll be seeing more of those wrinkled size 9's in the weeks to come.

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