Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Monday's Shoot - Ava

On Saturday, Ava and I caught up for the first time in months to shoot new sets. If you haven't checked out the blog from that shoot, "Saturday's Shoot - Ava," be sure to give it a look. I think you'll love those sets which feature her kicking off a pair of Ugg Boots and then a pair of sneakers.

Having limited time on Saturday, Ava and I discussed getting together again for another set or two on Monday. We were able to make that happen, but with sun going down earlier this late into the year, we only had time for one set. Still, what another great addition to Ava's 2021 shoot catalog.

I had Ava shoot this set on the bottom of an overturned boat.

Set 1: Boat Bottom

We decided to meet up at a large waterfront park I've used in the past. I it would give us some options if people were around. Thankfully, not many people were there when I arrived 15 minutes before Ava. While I waited for her, I looked at a few spots we could use and decided upon an overturned boat laying next to some lifeguard chairs. 

I liked the idea of using the boat since it would be different, but another contributing factor for picking this spot was that it was in the shade. The sun was super harsh and I knew if I put Ava out in the sunlight, she would have had a hard time looking at the camera. It was blinding! That's one major drawback of shooting this late in the year, hours before sunset. That and the long shadows.

All that being said, we made due and got things underway. This time around we kept things simple - no shoes, no socks, and no boots. Ava's size 9's would start bare and end bare. No props either. Just Ava showing off those soft wrinkled soles for all of us to enjoy.

After we wrapped up, we walked around the park looking to see if we could squeeze in one more set. Our time had run out, however. Walking back to our cars, we began talking about getting together again over the next week or so. I'm sure that's going to make all you Ava fans out there very happy. I know it makes this one super excited!

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