9K Club - Mindee's Footography

The color version of Mindee's Elmer Batters tribute set, which earned her 9K.

"Mindee is truly the Queen of this site! Not only are her sexy and meaty soles beautiful, but she's a pretty and wonderful woman!" - @ivanbr017

Oh Mindee... Here we are again celebrating another 1,000 photos of yours being published to the site. You accomplished this feat, pun intended, two weeks ago when I posted two versions of your Elmer Batters tribute set - one in full color and one in black and white. It felt fitting for you to reach the 9,000 mark with such a memorable set. It ranks right up there with some of my other favorites of yours.  

Mindee, you have long been my muse. The fact that you currently have 9,069 photos on the site clearly shows as much. The thing is though, you're so much more than someone who kicks off her shoes and shoots some of my most memorable sets. Your fun loving attitude, willingness to go out for a day and bare your feet along some creek, or smack dab in the middle of downtown, has always meant our times together have been memorable.

From the days prior to Soles of Silk's opening in 2004, I always considered you a great friend. In the 17 years since, that friendship has only grown stronger. I feel like our shoots have played a big part in bringing us together too. It's allowed us to spend so many hours in one another's company. Our conversations whether good, sad, funny, or hopeful have allowed us know so much about one another. I bet a lot of friends wish they've had the time to just converse as we have over the years. So in addition to all those wonderful photos we've done Mindee, I treasure so much more that has come from our time spent together during our shoots. I wouldn't trade any of it for the world.

Obviously that intro was specifically written for Mindee, but this blog is something for all of us - her fans. Yes, I count myself as not only her friend, but her fan. It's time to take a look at Mindee's journey from joining the 8K Club back in October 2020, which includes 13 sets. I encourage you to click on each of these links and celebrate these last few months and most importantly, to celebrate Mindee:

Since Mindee reached the 8,000 mark last October, her fans have loved each and every one of the set published above. I always get so much positive feedback whenever Mindee's sets are published. People love her and it's easy to see why. People always want more and I know exactly how they feel. 

Some of Mindee's most simple sets end up being the most popular.

I think Twitter user Ivan (@ivanbr017) summed things up perfectly on July 7, 2021, with a comment on that week's update announcement - Mindee's Vacuum Attachments set. 

"Mindee is truly the Queen of this site! Not only are her sexy and meaty soles beautiful, but she's a pretty and wonderful woman!" he proclaimed.

Ivan surely isn't the only one who has enjoyed Mindee's recent updates. No matter when I post an update announcement featuring Mindee, or one of her many random throwback posts, Twitter user Juwan (@juwan97689191) is always among the first to like and comment on her posts. 

"Mindee is my favorite," he said on August 11, 2020 in regards to the Elmer Batters  sets.

Mine too, buddy. Mine too!

Being a gamer and someone who grew up in the 80's, this set is among my favorites.

Speaking of favorites, Mindee's Elmer Batters sets, along with her Classic 8-Bit Nintendo set will be added to my ever growing, super long list of top tier Mindee sets. One day I should sit down and try to rank all of her sets in some kind of proper order. That would take some doing, but maybe it would be a great way to celebrate her 10K Club milestone. I should probably get started on it soon then with how quickly she managed to accumulate photo count.

For now, however, I ask you to revisit the last few years and look at all of Mindee's milestones below. Throughout these blogs you will see other sets that I simply adore, all of which featuring two of the most beautiful, flirty, and teasing feet I've had the pleasure to gaze upon. I can't wait to be before them again soon, hopefully. For now, enjoy them like I do, on your screen:

Mindee, I love ya like no other and as always, thank you for everything. You are an amazing person and I love celebrating you whenever I can here on Soles of Silk. I think we all can agree, you deserve it!

I love how this set looks in black and white as well as color.

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