Sunday, April 18, 2021

Sunday's Shoot - Allie

Well, the Dream Duo of Allie and Alice from Tuesday's blog, "Dream Duos #11 - Alice & Allie," still remains a dream. For now. 

The three of us had plans to meet up for a few sets today, but some things came up on Alice's end. Thankfully Allie was more than happy to take the spotlight entirely on herself in Alice's absence. As for me, I was just happy I would still come away with a few sets nonetheless.

Allie and I used a large grouping of rocks out in the middle of the river for a set.

Set #1 - On the Rocks

With the change of plans, Allie and I made due with what we had and what was around us for the setting. Since we were at a rather large waterfront park, we had lots of options. People were out and about enjoying the day. Of course they were. It seems like every chance I get to shoot with Allie, people just want to come by and get in our backgrounds, or come real close to where we're shooting.

As always, I picked a nice windy waterfront spot for Allie for the first set. It seems like I always do this to her. And while she did battle some wind, we made it work. And we made it work just in time. About three minutes after our last photo, a family came down wanting to go fishing. I'm thinking they wanted to do it from the rocks we were on. When they saw us, they set up along the shoreline instead. We were done though and went on our way.

Can't go wrong with a lotion set every once in a while.

Set #2 - Lil Bit of Lotion

Like I said above, today boiled down to what we had and what was around us. Luckily, down the far end of the park, a large groupings of brand new picnic tables were piled up all over the place. No one was around, except some people fishing far off from us in several directions. Oh... and a snake that Allie almost stepped on. Her screaming did alert a couple walking a dog off in the distance. 

The snake aside, this set was an easy one to shoot. I also know it's one that I know a lot of you will like. It's simple set really. A barefoot Allie in blue jeans. That's a popular request as is. Another popular request is lotion covered feet. Why not combine the two. I've done it in the past and had good results. I did again today with Allie and her tiny size 5's.

While today didn't go as planned, I'm glad it wasn't a total loss. Shooting Allie is always a good time. When I eventually get to shoot her with Alice, I know it's going to be one of the most memorable pairings I've ever done. I'll be sure to keep you posted. Coming up soon, however, Ava and I should be getting in some camera time in a few days.

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