Wednesday's Shoot - Kaycee

I told you two days ago that I had plans to shoot Kaycee today, didn't I? I also said how nice it would be to be getting back to posting some blogs about shoots I was out doing again. Well, here I am, fresh off of two amazing sets with Kaycee. Seriously... I love this girl so much and she does some amazing photo for me whenever we get together. Today was no exception!

If you follow the Soles of Silk Twitter account (@SolesofSilk), you've already had a sneak peak of today's fun. I took two quick snaps of my camera's view screen after the conclusions of each set. I published the both of them for you and there was some good feedback for each photo.

Here on this blog, I'm going to treat you to those same two photos, but instead of photos of my camera's view screen, you're getting the full-sized versions. I thought about grabbing different photos for this, but I feel like these two just stand out as some of the better ones in each set. Maybe I'll add a couple more at the end since it's been a while. I guess you'll have to wait and see. Teasing sucks, doesn't it? Guess I've been taking notes from the ladies...

Kaycee's feet squished those spongy blue balls flat!

Ball Buster

This set, as well as the one below, both involved Kaycee wearing a shirt featuring some questionable wording. I made sure we went to places for each where we'd be able to be away from any prying eyes, or at least see people coming from a distance.

The first shirt was a deep blue and read, "Ball Buster." Along with the shirt, I Kaycee had two massive blue balls to squish under her feet. Knowing that she'd be doing this set, she went out and got her fingers and toes painted blue to match. I loved it! I was in awe of the sight before me and knew I was going to have a memorable set before I even snapped the first photo. Sometimes you can just look at your model and be like, "Damn, this is gonna be good!" In this case, I was like, "Damn, this is gonna be great!"

Some of you may recall that this is technically not the first time Kaycee squished some balls under her feet. Nope. Back in 2015, we took some bouncy balls to a court and she did a sister set to Mindee's Blue Ball set from the year prior. My plan has always been to get the two of them together for a blue ball pairing. After the results of their first sets together, I know they'll be top notch (see Feb. 25, 2019 blog: "Monday's Shoot - Mindee & Kaycee").

My plan is to now do that set with these same squishy balls. I'll just have to grab a matching shirt for Mindee. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can shoot that set sooner rather than later! It's crazy that it's August 19, 2020 and I have yet to shoot a single set of Mindee this year!

If you want to see both the original blue balls themed sets these two did, read the blog below. The two of them even wore the exact same pair of socks in the sets, tying them together:

Kaycee had so much fun this time around using her soles to flatten these massive blue balls. I watched in amazement, and maybe a little bit of terror, as she slapped those same soles against them, making loud slap sounds, resulting in them rippling with each strike. Kaycee also pinched the both of them with her playful toes and even dug her long fingernails into the soft, squishy balls. Again, I sat there in admiration and fear.

Before we wrapped things up, I grabbed my new GoPro to shoot a couple of clips. The first clip was shot with her soles front and center and the second, right down at the pier as she stood over the balls. In that one, she slammed her feet straight down upon them, totally flattening them. I shot both of these in full 4K, 60 frames per second. It's my first time using this camera for any video for Soles of Silk, but I've liked the results on other things I've shot with it so far.

Needless to say, I loved this set. Watching Kaycee have her way with those spongy blue balls had me laughing and enjoying her antics. I think she had a lot of fun with it too. We've done so many fun sets together and I rank this one right up there with some some of the most memorable ones. Talk about a way to get back into shooting again!

Kaycee has a potty mouth and I saw this shirt, I knew it would be perfect for her.


If you want to know the premise for this, our second set of the day, it stems from Kaycee's potty mouth. She's always letting f-bombs fly, even when there are strangers around. I've given her the look of shame too many times to count when she's rattling off some colorful language! Oh well, she just busted some balls, so innocent she is not!

We drove to a new location for this set. We found some grand stands by a track to use, deciding not to use another waterfront location. It worked out perfectly.

Now, the last time I shot at a track, I ended up having the police called on the model and myself. Those memories flooded my head immediately and I was hoping that Kaycee and I didn't have a repeat performance. For anyone wondering, the incident I am talking about came during the second day of my first meeting with Esmerelda. Read the Aug. 7, 2018 blog, "Monday's Shoot - Esmerelda," for more details.

We sat down on the bleachers and Kaycee got to work trying to pull on her black thigh high socks. I say "trying" because her legs and feet were already sweaty before we began. She struggled getting them on, saying they might not be going back on for the clip later if she stays this sweaty. 

Even thought it had rained all morning, the sun was out in full force and it was humid. Kaycee was there, out in the open, wearing all that black. I know she was hot. I had a black t-shirt on too and could feel it. 

Eventually Kaycee got the socks on and up on her thighs so we could get this second set underway. As we began, we had the whole track and bleacher area to ourselves. I shot a bunch of photos with her feet clad in the socks. I know a lot of sock fans out there will appreciate those and to be honest, I wanted her feet to get even more sweaty.

About 15 photos in to this set, someone came down to the track to jog, but we didn't stop. He seemed fine with us doing our thing. I always secretly hope that people around my outdoor shoots might have a foot fetish and catch a show. Seeing a total babe like Kaycee showing off her sweaty soles would be such a treat for any foot fetishist, without a doubt.

After Kaycee pulled off the first of her long socks, we snapped a few shots of her having one sock on and one off. As I was snapping those photos, however, she said she needed a break. She was roasting! I had no problems with her taking a few minutes and I joined her up in the shaded area behind the announcer booth.

While we took a few minutes to cool off, we noticed a police car had pulled into the parking lot. Oh did the memories flood my mind even harder seeing that. This time, however, I wasn't out of state. I was in my own town. Luckily, I didn't need to go through that ordeal again, though.

I don't know if the officer was watching us, but no one ever came down to say anything. They might have just been taking a break. With the officer a good distance away, we decided to go ahead and get this set finished. We moved back down into the stands and I was once again treated to Kaycee's one bare foot and one sock clad foot. I always loved those types of photos.

Starting things back up, I told Kaycee to go ahead and pull the second sock off. As she began doing that, I snapped photos to capture the process. That's also when I saw the police car drive away. That made me happy!

Once Kaycee had both socks removed, it was so evident how sweaty that last sock clad foot had become since it stayed covered so much longer than it's sister. The underside of her toes were glistening too. Naturally, I swiped my finger into the warm dampness and joked about how sweaty her toes were. She laughed and shook her head while I enjoyed myself for a little bit sticking my fingers between all her toes. I'm glad Kaycee loves me!

With Kaycee totally barefoot now, we shot the remainder of the set, along with a video clip. I wanted to do two clips here too, but I was not trying to have Kaycee put those socks back on again. She was starting to sweat even more and I'm not cruel. You know, like ballbusting cruel... Love ya Kaycee! Those balls were only symbolic both times you squished them under your feet though, so you get a pass. I'm sure you would never ever actually... Never mind.

Today turned out to be just what I needed to become excited about Soles of Silk again. Covid-19, and 2020 in general, has just had me down and out. If you read my blog from yesterday, "2020 Sucks, But it's Time to Shoot!," then you know how I felt. 

Hanging out with Kaycee allowed me to reconnect with that one thing that has always been the backbone of Soles of Silk. That one thing is getting to hang out with a friend, shoot pictures of her pretty feet, and all the while, enjoy some time out together. The vast majority of my models are my personal friends, or friends of those friends that have since become my friends. It really is kind of quaint, to be honest.

I'm so lucky that Kaycee, back in July 2014, agreed to shoot for me. I'm even more lucky that she still enjoys doing so six years and approaching 2,000 photos later. Most of all though, I'm glad that she such a beloved friend. I love spending time with her, whether we're shooting or not. Thanks for today, Kaycee! I can't wait to do it again soon.

Oh yeah, about those extra bonus photos... I hope you like them! I know I do! How can you not?

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