Monday, May 18, 2020

Soles of Silk's Sisterhood Trio?

Sisters, Bria (left) & Audrey may soon be joined by another one of their sisters.

 "Now that I have my other sister joining Bria and I, I'm so ready to start shooting again."
- Audrey 

It's been way too long since I was shooting new sets on a regular basis for Soles of Silk. Back on March 9, I shot my first, and only, photos of 2020 when Kaycee and I got in two sets one afternoon (see blog: "Monday's Shoot - Kaycee"). It was a blast to finally get her and her pretty feet in front of my camera lens again. Prior to that shoot, the last time I had shot new sets was with Jasey Rae, all the way back on August 13, 2019 (see blog: "Monday's Shoot - Jasey Rae").

Obviously, the recent slowdown in shooting has been due to the Coronavirus that has affected the world. Prior to Kaycee's shoot, I was just sitting on and using a ton of content that I needed to get onto the site. In hindsight, I'm so glad I had all that content as it has helped get the site through this pandemic.

As some restrictions begin to be lifted here with the pandemic, I have told a number of my models that I cannot wait to shoot with them again. Of course, I want to do this once people are comfortable with getting together and will not pressure any of them to shoot until they are ready. I can assure you, however, I keep hearing the same sentiment from all of those who I talk to. They all say they cannot wait and definitely want to do some new sets.

Among those who I have talked to have been Jasey Rae, Kaycee, Mindee, and Melani. All of them are really looking forward to doing something again soon.

Then I reached out to Audrey.

If you recall, the very first time Audrey shot for me back in 2018, we didn't know each other. For our first meet up, she had one of her sisters accompany her to make sure her she remained safe. I totally understood her wanting to bring someone else along and welcomed her to do so (see blog: "Monday's Shoot - Audrey").

Audrey's soles are sooooooo smooth!

That day, Audrey rewarded me with three sets of her super smooth, and even slightly sweaty, size 9 soles. To say I adored her big feet was an understatement. I used the word "smooth" to describe them for a reason. Just look at them. You can clearly see their smoothness in this photo taken that first day. You can also see how moist they were from being inside those shoes, without socks. Truth be told, that made me love them that much more!

Although Audrey was all for showing off her smooth size 9 soles for the first time, her sister was not. This didn't mean that I didn't check out her feet too from time to time. She was wearing flip flops and had a nice pedicure on her long toes. I paid her a compliment on her pedi and told her if she ever wants to shoot, her and her pretty feet would always be welcome. She laughed and thanked me for the compliment and offer.

Fast forward to 2019 and I was chatting with Audrey about shooting some new sets. She told me she was very much into the idea, but her sister wanted to shoot too. At first thought, I figured it was the sister that I met the first time we shot, but Audrey then told me it was a different sister. I assured her I was down to add another sister duo to the site, which already featured three combos, including: Kimmie & KellieLayla & Jaylee Austin, and Felicia & Bridgette.

From that point on, we began discussing some fun and teasing ideas for sets for Audrey and her sister, Bria, to do for our first get together. Audrey and I tossed around some really fun ideas, one of which I screwed up by not ordering some shirts in time for, but we made up for it with the Tiny Weenie Tease set shown at the top of this blog. Then the sisters showed off their love of all things chocolate (bottom) in the only two model Cereal Killers set that was featured during Cereal Killers Month back in October 2019. (see blog: "Monday's Shoot, Part 1 - Audrey & Bria").

So, why all this backstory? What conversation did I recently have with Audrey that caused me to have to get into these details? Well, a couple of weeks ago, Audrey told me that the sister who accompanied her to her first shoot would now like to shoot as well. With Audrey obviously wanting to shoot, I naturally asked if Bria was still game, to which Audrey confirmed. So Soles of Silk looks to be getting its first ever, sisters trio in 2020!

Talk about some amazing news among all the crap that 2020 has thrown our way so far this year. I'm not the only one excited for this to happen either. Audrey is really looking forward to making this happen.

"I'm super excited to shoot with both of my sisters," said Audrey. "I know we tried to convince the first one to shoot with me, but she was so iffy. I even told her that it would be so cool to do a shoot with her. When I told you [last year] that I had another sister on board, I was so happy to finally have a sister who wanted to shoot with me. We did that shoot and had a blast. Bria wouldn't stop talking about it. She kept saying how much fun it was and how she can't wait to do it again. Now that I have my other sister joining Bria and I, I'm so ready to start shooting again. I can't wait to see what kind of shoots we all do together."

Hopefully I'll be able to shoot with all three of these sisters a few times throughout the course of the year. I'd love to not only do the obvious trio set, but have each possible duo team up between the three sisters take place. Then, do some solo sets as well. I don't yet have anything of Bria alone and I haven't shot Audrey alone since our first meeting. It would be nice to give each one of these ladies some spotlight alone too. Audrey and I have a few ideas for some solo sets too that I can't wait to do. One of which is going to be so much fun and quite naughty to boot. We've had some fun as of late inserting some underlying tones and themes into the sets. Some more obvious than others.

I will obviously keep everyone posted on anything happening on this front. I'm sure you're all excited now to see this become a reality. Believe me, so am I! More than you will ever know.

Bria (left) & Audrey get their fill of chocolate... and only chocolate!

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