100 Sets - Another Mindee Milestone

This set marks Mindee's 100th set published to the site. There's plenty more coming too!

What a horrible week. All across the world, the Coronavirus is putting government bodies in the position of limiting public gatherings, or telling people to stay inside entirely. With all this going on, it feels a little strange to be celebrating this week. Life must go on, as they say. And life this week just so happens to see Mindee having her 100th photo set published to Soles of Silk. So at least something good is happening this week.

This blog won't be entirely long, because I've run a few good-sized blogs focused around Mindee over the last few weeks. If you haven't read them yet, I'll leave the links below. One of blogs talked about how the entire month of March will be dedicated to updates featuring Mindee. The second blog showcased Mindee's entry into the 7K Club (7,000 photos). There was a lot covered in those blogs, so be sure to give them a read.

While I am here, however, I do want to say that I was able to squeeze in lunch with Mindee yesterday. It was long overdue, but we had to make sure we got done before 5 p.m. Our local government made the call on Monday that all restaurants must close to the public, except for carryout and/or delivery as of 5 p.m. until further notice.

All that being said, it was our first time getting together in months. We had seen each other a few times, but nothing extended. With my lack of shooting and some things needing her undivided attention during that time, I will say, I missed my dear friend. It was great catching up.

Who knows what is coming down the road here, both in the immediate future as well as distant. I'm hoping for the best as Mindee and I were thinking about trying to do a shoot soon. It was a little chilly yesterday, which we did consider. After chatting, we decided that maybe next week will be better. It looks to be about the same temperature though, so who knows? Plus, with all the added restrictions, we might just have to wait. Good things come to those who wait, however, and I'm sure Mindy's next shoot will be most welcome. I can't wait and neither can she! Gotta keep adding to the count so I can write one of these for set number 200. Isn't that right, Mindee?

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