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Monday's Shoot - Jasey Rae

Have you ever seen segment in the 1966 Batman film where Adam West utters the line, "Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb?" If you haven't, please watch the scene below before proceeding. It's only 2 minutes, 32 seconds long, but fits into the narrative of this blog.

So you're probably asking me why I had you watch this infamous clip from the hokey 1960's Batman film. Well, it's because I felt like Batman while out trying to shoot with Jasey Rae on Monday. We didn't have a bomb, but we did have some "bomb" feet, if you will, and we couldn't seem to display them for the camera at any place that we tried for a good hour and a half.

Not wanting to spend the entire day shooting, and wanting to stay local, Jasey and I made our way over to a park that I've used a few times. We wanted to shoot three sets, including one where she would wear a dress with some heels and stockings. That set was up first as the location I had in mind would work nicely with it.

As Jasey finished up getting dressed in the parking lot, a park employee began driving his truck around the park. He stopped in the area we thought about shooting and he didn't move for a good while. We tried to wait him out in the car, but he didn't seem in a hurry to leave. I didn't want the hassle of him watching or questioning us about what we were doing, so we decided to try another spot not too far away for one of the other sets.

A few minutes later we pulled into a nature preserve that I've had some good luck using in the past. Since this location wouldn't match the dress, heels, and stockings look, however, Jasey would need to change. I parked the car not once, not twice, but three times. Each time I tried to park, someone ran over to a car, came out of their car and hung around, or came and parked right by us. Finally, after moving multiple times, we were in a spot where Jasey could change comfortably without someone a few feet away.

Finally! It was time to shoot. We walked out of the car and down to the nature center. There is a path leading out of the center and down to a bridge over the mouth of a river. We were planning on using that bridge as our location. I said "were planning" because the shoot didn't happen.

When we came upon the nature center, the doors opened and a bunch of kids and park staff members came out. There was some kind of children's group at the center and they were headed the way we planned on going. Welp... scratch location number two!

Driving away, I told Jasey to just stay in the casual outfit. I pitched the idea of a nearby school that might work for something casual. It's a newer school, and although I had never been there, I figured the landscaping might be nice. We made our way there to find the parking lot full of cars. I even drove around to back to see if there was anything there. There was literally nothing out back except some overflow trailers. I wanted to bang my head against the steering wheel. Little did I know, however, that we were only halfway through our adventure to find a spot to shoot.

Frustrated at this point, I had an idea. A spot I had used a few years ago wasn't too far away and features multiple areas were we could sit down and shoot. It has a few bridges, including a covered one, an old mill, the river, a blacksmith shop, a barn, and several other old style spots. Jasey sounded excited about my idea, so we made our way there.

Now, I've used this place a handful of times. Never has there been more than two or three cars on the entire parking lot, which isn't that big to begin with. Well, on Monday there wasn't a spot to be had and people were sitting around everywhere!

"What the hell?" Jasey said. "Are people off work for some holiday, or something today?"

"I don't know. I don't know where to shoot, or if we figure out a place, if it'll just be like all these others," I replied.

"What about the place we passed on the way up?" Jasey inquired.

What Jasey was asking about was some kind of rec center that we passed on the way to our last location. I pulled over next to it to put an address into the GPS, but in all honesty, it didn't look like much. At this point, however, we made our way back toward the ball fields to see what we could get.

When we arrived, low and behold, no one was there. Why? Well, because nothing was really there. A concrete path went through the overgrown grass. A gazebo stood out in the middle of the field, but it had no place to sit and looked like it had seen better days. This park looked like it was in the midst of being renovated. There was even a massive pile of mulch laying in the parking lot. We didn't see anywhere to shoot, so we were left in the car speechless.

I pulled up the Google Maps app on my phone and began swiping around. I saw a waterfront park that I've used years ago that was about 10 minutes away from our location. At this point, what did we have to lose? I knew the area was large, so even if some people were around, perhaps we could shoot away from them. So back to our journey!

This is where those "bomb" feet of Jasey's finally were able to be put on full display. We pulled in and to the immediate right was some boat ramps. I drove past them, saying we should definitely shoot a set over there. First, however, I wanted to drive to the back end of the park and see how crowded that was. Luckily for us, only a few cars were at the park. We had finally found our spot. I drove us back to the front of the park so we could do our first set on the boat ramps.

It took us a while, but Jasey Rae finally got to shoot her first set of the day.

For the first set of the day, Jasey began with her feet inside her sneakers and white ankle socks. A lot of my sets feature models wearing sneakers without socks, so this one featured both. I know a lot of you will enjoy that.

As we were shooting this set, a boat pulled up to ramp. Several people were trying to get their boat out of the water, but seemed to run into some kind of issue. Jasey and I didn't give a crap though and we kept shooting. We claimed our spot and they weren't right over top of us or anything. I really didn't care at this point if they saw me taking photos of her adorable feet. Oh wait, "bomb" feet, for keeping with today's theme.

We managed to finish our entire shoot before they were able to get their boat out of the water. Who knows what was going wrong, but it seemed like something was broken. You can probably hear them talking about it in the video clip we shot. Yeah, we shot one even with them right there. We just didn't care.

With the first set of the day in the books, we were so happy. We had already discussed just shooting two sets on the day since we were running behind. Both of us have been working a lot and had some other plans slated for the evening. I promised Jasey, however, that we would certainly be meeting back up for that stocking and heel set, along with some others again, probably in September. For today though, another casual set would make the day still worth all we went through.

More socks and footwear for all you Jasey Rae fans out there.

In the bag of clothing Jasey brought with her, she had a top and some boots that she wanted to wear if we had a location that would work. Well, we did. Even though it would be a second waterfront set with shoes and socks, I was all for it. The background was vastly different on the opposite side of the park and I thought it just fit her attire nicely. Plus, how could I turn down Jasey's little feet in sweating in those boots?

We managed to get about 90 percent of this set in before we had some people come down and sit down right where we were trying to shoot. Normally, like with the boat ramp group, I'd just keep shooting. This group, however, was a woman with three young kids. Even though I'm not shooting anything vulgar, I always back off when kids come around. They, however, just wouldn't leave!

I told Jasey to stick her feet out straight and I managed to grab a bunch of feet only shots and poses that wouldn't scream that I was pointing the camera at her feet. We finished up the set and I elected not to try to push for a video clip since it looked like the woman and the kids were trying to win the waiting game between us.

With two sets down, it was time to head back home. We stopped for food on the way and then stopped behind a massive truck coming off the highway that shut down traffic for over half an hour. We were literally 20 feet away from the exit, but couldn't go anywhere until this over-sized truck did its thing. Oh well, at least we didn't have to deal with it earlier in the day. I might have went off the deep end had that been the case!

Even with all that happened to start and finish this day, shooting Jasey was pure pleasure. She's always been super fun to shoot and hang out with for the day. I treasure any opportunity I get to shoot with her and am glad we've gotten to shoot seven sets so far in 2019. Those seven won't be the last either as we still have that stockings and heels set we want to do, along with some team ups with Alice! I really can't wait to make those happen!

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