Monday's Shoot - Mindee & Kaycee (Monthly Shoot Challenge - February)

What a day! Seriously, what a day! 

Just five days ago I wrote, "Dream Duos #7 - Mindee & Kaycee," and shared with all of you that I had been talking with the both of them about shooting soon. Well, guess what? It happened!

Today I was able to pair up two of the site's most photographed and most popular models for the very first time. Having Mindee and Kaycee shoot together, as those of you who read that Dream Duos blog know, was something I have wanted to happen for years. Good things do come to those who wait because today was better than good, it was amazing!

The three of us were slated to meet up around 5 p.m. There was a problem, though. I had ordered a number of clothing items for this set from Amazon. The socks came on Thursday of last week and the shorts, two days later on Saturday. The most important piece, the shirts, however, were listed as "arriving by 8 p.m. Monday." I had a bad feeling they wouldn't be in, or worse yet, arrive shortly after I left to go shoot.

At 3:30 p.m. I was starting to panic. I began texting replacement set ideas to the girls, but Mindee, as she always does, kept her cool. She said they'll be in and not to worry. That's when I saw it!

A brown UPS truck a flew blocks away was dropping off packages. I looked on my Amazon app and saw that the package was being shipped by UPS. I went back in the house for a few minutes and low and behold, he parked right out front. He stepped off the truck and I met him on the porch. I was now holding the final piece of Mindee's and Kaycee's outfit for their set - a set I knew was going to be too cute for words. Words, however, were written across these two shirts - words that read, "Kiss my feet."

I shot a quick text message to both Mindee and Kaycee in a group chat and they were so happy that the shirts came in. I told them I was going to run to the store real quick and then head to Mindee's place. I wanted to see if I could find a couple last minute props for our second set. What I went to Mindee's house with, however, was not those props I had intended to buy. Instead, I found some flashy looking shoes that both girls thought looked really fun. I grabbed them and was on my way.

After Kaycee and I arrived at Mindee's place, the two of them helped me assemble my light kit in Mindee's new bedroom. She, and her husband, have put so much time and effort into their new place. They put in some nice recessed lighting too that brightening up the room quite a bit. I asked her if she planned that with that with our shoots in mind. 

"Of course," she said.

Kaycee & Mindee being a little bratty in their first set together.

Once Mindee and Kaycee got dressed, the first set of the day was underway. This was the set I was scared that we wouldn't get to shoot, but things worked out and am I ever glad they did! This set was one I won't soon forget. With every shot I took I knew I had a classic in the making. My SD card was filling up with one hell of a set and I knew it! Throughout the set I kept showing the two of them some of the photos and they were both loving the outcome as well. I was already imagining photos from this set adorning the site's header bar or splash page at some point. Yes, I love this set that damn much!

Aside from having two of my best friends barefoot in front of me, one of my favorite aspects of this set was the chemistry between these two. This was their first time shooting together, but there was certainly fun loving attitude going on here that was coming across in every. I guess that's what happens when you pair up a model in the 6K Club (Mindee) with one in the 1K Club (Kaycee). 

Naturally, I did not want this set to end. We did have a second set to do, however, so we wrapped things up and shot a video clip. I then stepped out for them to get changed once more.

I couldn't resist having Mindee & Kaycee wear these shoes when I saw them.

For this set, there was no matching clothes Their shoes, however, were another story. They were just so flashy and funky looking and the girls adored them. Not bad for a $5 pair of shoes from Five Below, huh? I love that store for cheap and easy to find props for my sets. They have been a destination many of times before a shoot and today was no different.

Both Mindee and Kaycee shoved their feet into the shoes and sat up on the bed waiting for me. I didn't want any socks for this set, but the funny thing is, I never once said that to them. They just pulled the shoes on and were ready to go. Neither of them had put socks on and neither one of them asked if they should. I guess at this point both ladies know I like their feet warm, moist, and sweaty.

Whenever I shoot a shoes and no socks set, I tend to milk out the time a bit before the shoes come off. It gives the models' feet time to warm up. At this point, I'm sure both Mindee and Kaycee are well aware of this tactic too. We talked for a bit before getting underway. I couldn't delay too much, however. So I just made sure to prolong the shoe removal itself. It worked too as both of their feet were a little warm and Kaycee's were even a little moist in between her toes.

The chemistry from the first set was still on exhibit here. Mindee and Kaycee were having a blast, especially when they stuck their shoes in each other's faces for a smell. I just tried my best to capture it all to share with all of you. I wish they had shared the smell of their shoes though. Oh well, I'll make sure that happens on a nice hot day down the road.

Once this set wrapped up, it was 8 p.m. We were done after two sets. We shot our second clip and packed up the light kit. Would I have liked to have done more sets? You bet your ass! Especially after the phenomenal results from the two that we did today. Work and life, however, had us on a tight schedule.

As we were leaving, Mindee and Kaycee remarked how much fun they had shooting together, which I also echoed. I knew today's efforts would only strengthen both of their amazing resumes on the site. Mindee and Kaycee already have so many awesome, memorable sets to their name. Today's shoots will certainly rank among my favorites for both once they are published. That's saying something too with all the great stuff they've already done.

I truly cannot wait to shoot with these two again. I recommended that we make this a regular thing and the two of them agreed 100 percent. If these two sets are any indication, the other themes I have in mind are going to be quite memorable - and even a "tiny" bit teasing. I can't wait!

Today's shoot kept Mindee and I on schedule for her Monthly Shoot Challenge. For those of you who might not have read, "Sunday's Shoot - Mindee (Monthly Shoot Challenge - January)" last month, Mindee and I are attempting to get in at least one set every month during 2019. We've done so many other things since 2004, so this is our cute little idea for 2019. Two months down and we're right on track.

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