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Dream Duos #7 - Mindee & Kaycee

Welcome to the seventh installment in an ongoing blog series here on the Soles of Silk Blog. In this series I take a look at two models on the site who I'd love to see shoot together someday.

Mindee (left)
Shoe Size8
DebutDecember 29, 2004
# of Photos on Site6,102
Other Models Shot WithCierra, Marcy, Mariah (set lost), Emerald, Kelsey, Reese, Rein, Rilynn, Noelle, Shelby, Melani, Alice, Dolly

Kaycee (right)
Shoe Size7.5
DebutJuly 9, 2014
# of Photos on Site1,120
Other Models Shot With: Reagan

It's been a year since my last entry into the Dream Duos blog series and this one is kind of cheating. I have been in talks with both Mindee and Kaycee over the last week about getting the two of them together to shoot. Still, this is a duo that I have wanted to pair up for years now. So regardless if it is set to happen this coming week or not, at this point, it is still a dream duo of mine!

As you can see by the brief bios above, Mindee has shot with 13 different models in the last 15 years. She is always game to shoot with someone else and is responsible for getting many of those listed above on the site to begin with. Those models include: Mariah, Emerald, Reese, Rein, Rilynn, Noelle, Shelby, and Dolly. 

Over the last couple years I have also asked Mindee to shoot with a few models/friends of mine that she didn't really know - mainly Alice and Melani. Mindee paired up with Alice for only one set, a chastity themed one with keys and locks. She shot three sets with Melani, but only one of those has been published to the site so far. A photo from that set, with the see thru rainbow socks, adorns the site's splash page. The other sets they shot together are going to be a part of the site's 15th Anniversary Celebration and are destined to be hits when they go online.

The sets of Mindee with both Alice and Melani managed to find their way into the Top 3 of "My Favorite Sets of 2018" blog. They were easily some of the most memorable sets with all of you too. 

The only set to beat them out? One of Mindee with her mom, Shelby! So yeah, as you can see, team ups with Mindee sure tend to be among the best on the site. And now that I think about it, let's take a look back through all my Top 10 Favorite Sets blogs. Let's see just how many team ups with Mindee have earned a Top 10 ranking since 2004:

  • Total # of Sets: 12
  • Different Models Appeared With: 9
  • Placements: 1st - 2, 2nd - 2, 3rd - 2, 5th - 1, 6th - 2, 8th - 2, 10th - 1

That's quite the resume, but let's now shift the focus to Kaycee. Since her 2014 debut, Kaycee has easily been one of the most popular models on the site. She's appeared four times in Top 10 Favorite blogs, was a 2015 Star Model, joined the 1K Club in 2018, and appeared in a Wu's Feet Links feature set in July 2015 called, "Dockside Damsel."

Kaycee has done a lot in the almost five years that she's been shooting for me. When it comes to duo sets, however, she's only done two - both with her best friend Reagan. Much like Mindee, it was Kaycee who got her friend to shoot for the site, so it was only natural to shoot them together. Ever since then though, I've been itching to get her with someone else. Who better than Mindee? Naturally, there are some other models I'd love to see her with too, but I'll save those for another Dream Duos entry.

The idea to team up Mindee's size 8's with Kaycee's size 7.5's is actually not new. It's an idea I pitched to the both of them all the way back in 2015. Mindee had just done her Blue Balls set (above left), which featured her wearing a pair of blue knee high socks. Mindee left them in my car and when Kaycee saw them, it sparked an idea. What if I did a sister set to Mindee's, with Kaycee, using the same socks? Kaycee loved it as did Mindee. I didn't want them to be exactly the same, but Kaycee's set did involve some balls - squishy ones that she demolished under her toes and soles (above right). I made sure to get two blue ones for her though! My plan back then was to then get them together and do one of them together with some blue balls and socks. It just didn't happen... yet!

Jumping back to present, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this coming Monday I will get to make this Dream Duo a Dream Come True. It's looking like our schedules will match up at this point. We have a couple of sets planned, one of which I think is going to be really cute. If I have my way, this will only be the first of many duos with these two. I've already told them they owe me some blue balls... well, a set themed to them, that is! Much like blue balls, I've been kept waiting for this duo for way too long! It's about time that ends.

Be on the lookout for future Dream Duo entries. Which two models would you most like to see photographed together? Don't hesitate to let me know.

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