Monday, January 21, 2019

Sunday's Shoot - Mindee (Monthly Shoot Challenge - January)

A few weeks ago Mindee and I were catching up with one another. The holidays had just wrapped up, she was fixing up her new house, and I was working a lot of overtime. We were both very busy, but agreed that we should try to catch up soon.

During that conversation I pitched an idea to Mindee that she really liked. What if we met up at least once every month to shoot some photos? Even when we shot 40 sets back in 2017, we didn't shoot every single month of the year. At this point, it feels like we've done it all, so why not try to challenge ourselves to do something a little different? She agreed.

The more we discussed this idea, the more things came into focus of what we could do. I said that we didn't have to come away with a bunch of sets every time we shoot. Obviously if we were able to plan a nice day trip in the spring, or do one of our regular vacation trips, that would call for getting in a lot of sets. Here in the winter, however, with me sitting on dozens of her sets already, a single set would be fine. Well, today we began our challenge and managed to do two sets.

Mindee with some wrestling title belts - fitting as she's my site's champion.

Today's first set was one I have been planning on doing for quite a while now. I've been a huge wrestling fan for almost my entire life - all the way back to elementary school. Mr. Perfect, Curt Hennig, is my all-time favorite wrestler. I used to sign my school papers "Mr. Perfect" until my eighth grade social studies teacher called my mom to complain. From then on out, I put "Mr. Perfect" between my first and last name instead. I was determined!

In recent years I have really taken interest in a lot of the female talent in the wrestling business. I have picked up numerous Funko Pops of some of those favorites, as well as other merchandise like trading cards. I even purchased replica title belts for the first time - both women's titles. They're beautiful!

A number of months back, I decided to pick up some shirts during an online sale. It was a deal where you bought a shirt and got a second one for $1. I found three that I liked and that's when I got the idea to grab a shirt for Mindee. She's not a wrestling fan herself, but we are always looking for new themes for her sets. Since I don't own a wrestling ring, and since Soles of Silk isn't a wrestling fetish site, my idea was to keep it more along the lines of a wrestling fan theme.

Before we began, I set up a bunch of my collectibles on the end table behind Mindee. They weren't overly visible in many of the shots, sadly - mostly in the lower angled shots where I focused on those soles. What was clearly visible, however, was those belts - especially when Mindee's soft size 8's were all over them. Yes, I let her press those soft foot bottoms all over those belts. No, I'm not insane. I'm protective of those belts and keep them safe, but as soft as Mindee's feet are, I wasn't worried.

A few roller coaster themed collectibles were used in this second set.

The second set of the day was also themed around collectibles and came about during a text message exchange with Mindee last week. As we were talking I looked over and saw one of the many enamel pins I have collected. I own a bunch of different pins, but this one was from an amusement park and was of one of my favorite roller coasters. That inspired an idea.

Mindee has gone on many amusement park trips with me and has helped me find some of these pins in different gift shops. She loves roller coasters too and appears in four sets with actual coasters in them. It just made sense. Mindee agreed. A simple theme, but one with some meaning behind it. I like doing that whenever I can. It makes the sets a little more personal and helps create, or remind me of memories I have with my models.

This second set also includes an odd object of sorts. It is a wooden block, cut from a now defunct coaster that Mindee and I once rode together. It has since been revamped into a brand new coaster that is actually my current favorite of the over 300 I have rode. The block features a metal plaque on it and can be seen under Mindee's feet in the above picture. Mindee really liked block, so we decided to include it too.

I think this was a nice, casual way to begin this monthly shoot challenge with Mindee. We kept it simple and had a nice, relaxing day that we both needed. My only complain of the day was not being able to fulfill the long foot rub I promised to her in the days leading up to the shoot. She was long overdue and I wanted to pamper my two favorite feet like they deserve. Well, I was able to give them a nice massage, but it was nowhere near as long as I had wanted it to be. We were both hungry and wanted to get through our shoots to go get something to eat. Once we finished, we hung out and watched the two NFL playoff games with her family. Oh well, there is always February... and March... and April... and May... and June... and July... and August... and September... and October... and November... and December.

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