Wednesday, December 12, 2018

1K Club - Melani's Footography

This week's comic themed set puts Melani into the 1K Club (1,000 photos).

As 2018 draws to a close, the year is not going out with a whimper. The month of December is closing things out strong. Last week Mindee joined the 6K Club (6,000 photos) and this week Melani is becoming the 18th model to be inducted into the 1K Club (1,000 photos). As always, it's time to celebrate this wonderful model and all of the sets she's had published to the site with a footography blog. Before we get into all that she's done so far, here's a look at all the models who have joined the 1K Club and where they stand to this point:
  1. Mindee - 6,020 photos
  2. Cierra - 2,439 photos
  3. Layla - 1,942 photos
  4. Jamie - 1,874 photos
  5. Charlee - 1,839 photos
  6. Madison - 1,832 photos
  7. Kelsey - 1,816 photos
  8. Alice - 1,779 photos
  9. Wendy - 1,763 photos
  10. Kellie - 1,740 photos
  11. Kayleigh - 1,434 photos
  12. Abby - 1,380 photos
  13. Jordana - 1,266 photos
  14. Kimmie - 1,220 photos
  15. Jasey Rae - 1,171 photos
  16. Emerald - 1,098 photos
  17. Kaycee - 1,052 photos
  18. Melani - 1,032 <---

Melani began her Soles of Silk journey on April 3, 2017 (see blog: "Monday's Shoot - Melani"). This, barely 18 (at the time) former coworker and friend of mine, had wanted to shoot for me for a while. The problem was... She wasn't old enough. Since we worked together for a bit, she became friends with some of the girls who were over 18 and who were shooting for me. I guess the girls all talked and she found out. She'd always joke with me by saying she was going to get a fake ID so she could shoot. I'd just laugh at her and tell her that she'll have her time when her birthday comes. Well, it finally did and we made plans a few weeks later.

At the time, it was still a little chilly outside, but not cold. Baseball was on the horizon and I asked her if she'd be up for doing a set themed to the hometown team. She was so excited for the idea. I went out and found a few baseball themed props for her including: a shirt/shorts combo, socks, baseballs, and peanuts. When I posted the set, and some of its teasers to Instagram (@SolesofSilk), I instantly knew I had a hit on my hands. Melani was loved and loved by many.

It didn't take Melani much time to shoot again... and again... and again. She became one of my most photographed models in less than a year of her debut. The 21 sets she shot in 2017 would have been the most done by any model in a calendar year had Mindee not went and did 40 during that same span (see blog: "2017's Star Models"). I have a ton of models on the site who haven't even shot 21 over the course of several years, or their entirety for that matter. It goes without saying, I loved having her barefoot in front of me.

Melani also made three appearances in my favorite photo sets of the year in 2017, including the number one spot (see blog: "My Favorite Photo Sets of 2017"). She truly made an impact, not only with fans, but with me. You're certainly going to be seeing her on the list of my favorites for 2018 as well.

Here's a look at the she has published to the site. She also has a few more yet to make it onto the site, but I've been holding onto some of a few reasons, which I'll get into briefly:

Having shot so many sets during 2017, Melani was getting regular updates on the site since her debut. Fans made it clear that they wanted to see more and I couldn't blame them. Every set she did was amazing - even the most simple ones. Hell, the site's most liked photo comes from a set with her squirting lotion all over her little teen feet. 

Melani has racked up likes on Instagram and had her name sprinkled all over a blog I wrote when the Soles of Silk Instagram reached 40,000 followers (see blog: "Facts About the Top 40 at 40K"). Many numbers have climbed since that early October blog, but Melani is still owning things with each and every post I make using her photos. 

With so many sets of hers to post to start the year, I treated everyone to the March 2018 event, "Melani's March to 1K." Each week during the month of March the update focused on Melani. A total of four main sets, along with a bonus set, made it onto the site. This jumped her photo count up to the point where the 1K mark was just a formality before the end of 2018.

So, with all that said, why in the world would I hold onto some of her sets? There is the customary reason that I have so many models to rotate through at all times. With Melani, however, there are a couple more reasons. The first of which is, she hasn't shot since 2017.

At the start of 2018, and here again lately, Melani and I keep talking about shooting, but then nothing seems to come up from it. Overall, 2018 has been a really hard year for me and I've done less photos this year than any other since the site debuted. I've had some personal, work, and family matters to attend to, so my schedule hasn't been as open as I would have liked. Melani has also shared that some things going on in her life have kept her from planning with me. It's just been an off year for us both.

You can also add in the fact that I'm still sitting on 90-something unpublished sets, and I wasn't "really" in need of new content. I have plenty of sets I still need to share for numerous models. Still, if Melani and I been able to make some kind of plans, I wouldn't have turned her down. There's still time too, so I'll keep my fingers crossed!

The second reason for saving a few of Melani's sets is that I will be using them as part of something big in 2019. Announcements are coming soon, but trust me when I say that you're going to like what I'm planning. I have a handful of models already taking part with this in different ways. I'm just going to say 2019 is already shaping up to be one of the most memorable in the site's history.

Getting back to Melani though, I really hope that we can meet up again soon and do some new photos. It's been way too long since this fun loving, yet teasing, friend of mine flashed her feet at my camera. She always has a blast shooting and tells me as much from time to time. Melani will be a part of 2019 with some key sets she's already done, but my aim is to have her as a cornerstone of the site for many years to come. Hopefully the 1K Club is only the beginning as there are many more K's for her to join afterward. A few models are knocking at the door to join Mindee and Cierra in the 2K Club and Melani could easily push toward that with several more shoots. I'm sure she wouldn't mind moving right alongside Mindee in the 3K, 4K, 5K, or 6K Clubs either. I know I sure wouldn't mind spending that much time with her to make it happen. 

One of a handful of sets of Melani that I haven't published yet that will be coming in 2019.

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