Monday, July 9, 2018

Sunday's Shoot - Alice

Several days ago, on Friday, July 6, 2018, I got in my first solo photos of the year with the site's most photographed model, Mindee (see blog: "Friday's Shoot - Mindee"). Today, another one of the site's most photographed models, especially since her 2015 debut, got in her first solo photos of 2018 as well. That model is none other than Alice.

In just three years of shooting, Alice has done 33 total sets, if you include today's adventure to Western Maryland. Of those 33, 26 have been solo sets and seven have been two-model sets. Two of those seven came earlier this year when Alice paired her long toes up with Maya's (see blog: "Sunday's Shoot - Alice & Maya"). Those were the only two sets I got to shoot with her until today, which was also one of my final days of vacation.

I was happy that Alice was able to keep her Sunday open for me after all the hoopla this week causing me to postpone many of my shoots. If you read my recent blog, "Heat Waves, Video Cards, Blisters, & Car Accidents... Oh My!," then you know how many shoots, and models, that I missed out on. So yeah, getting Alice some camera time today was something I was very much looking forward to. We even got out to a far away spot to shoot at a location I've used once before. I wanted to return to this location for another shoot as part of an upcoming celebration. As for the celebration, I'm not ready to give details about it just yet, but when I am, I'm sure a lot of you are going to enjoy it. It's going to be something that lasts the entirety of 2019 - that's all I'm saying for now.

This pose was all Alice's doing. It's my favorite shot from the almost 100 photo set.

So, back to Sunday's shoot. Alice and I got a bit of a late start, but we still decided to make the two and a half hour journey to our destination - a town in Western Maryland, more specifically, an old train station there. This was my priority shoot. Having been there in 2012, with another model, I knew there were also some other spots we could use to shoot as well.

After we parked, Alice and I made our way up onto the train station. The sun was off in the distance, and a little harsh without any cloud cover. Evening was also approaching, which caused really long shadows to fall upon the benches I intended to use. They were literally, half in the sun, and half in a dark shadow being under the overhead roof. We did some test shots and I wasn't really keen on the lighting. From there we moved across the tracks, right up against the station itself. I was going to make this work and it did. The lighting against the station was much more even, so we began the set there.

As we shot, we occasionally had some people pass us by. Alice and I came up with some fun, naughty terms to use when someone was approaching from the other's blind side. It was kind of fun blurting them out, trying not so say them loud enough for people to hear. Yeah, we're goofy!

With a good portion of the set shot alongside the station, I began thinking about shooting on the wood walkway between the station and the main landing. It crossed the tracks and had lighting that was more evenly lit than where we currently were. We decided to give it a try.

This spot worked out nicely. I got in some pose shots with Alice on her stomach, with those big size 11's behind her. We also bounced around on some of the tracks and on one of the switch boxes too. That reminded me of Carmen's 2005 Wu's Feet Links feature set, "Blue Jeans & Toes," where I shot that kind of pose once before. Man, that was a very long time ago! We weren't done there, however.

Eyeing up the lone train car parked at the station, a bright red caboose, Alice wanted to try to shoot on it, if possible. We walked around and the sun was hitting this thing hard in spots, with the cover dropping dark shadows down below. Still, we made it work and got in the amazing photo above! Seeing this on my computer, once I got home, made me wish I shot more photos with her feet and the white railing. I got in a few though, which I'm sure you'll love once this set is published.

After we wrapped up, it was back to my car and to look around for a second location. I didn't want to use the same spots my past model did previously, well, other than the train station. I recommended this large water fountain we saw driving through the town on the way in. It sat at the corner of an intersection, as well as at the end of shopping district that featured a lot of specialty shops. We were certainly going to be seen by shoppers and every single person stopping at the light only a few yards away.

"Yeah, let's shoot there. I kind of want to be watched," Alice said.

"Oh, we will," I replied. "Every single car that stops will see me in front of your big feet."

"Good!" Alice assured me with a devious smirk.

Alice modeled her feet in front of dozens of people driving and walking by in this set.

With Alice wanting to put on a foot show in public, we walked a couple of blocks from the parking lot over to the water fountain. The sun was still in full effect and left me only a couple of angles to shoot without half of Alice's body being in total shadow. And speaking of shadow, it was also a struggle to keep my very own out of the photos. I kept myself low to the ground, which wasn't too bad. It did mean that I got to be ever so closer to those size 11's, after all.

I really enjoyed this location, even with the limits the sunlight placed on us. Alice got off on everyone coming by as we shot. It was mostly people driving, but when that red light hit, those cars were literally sitting a sidewalk's width away from us. I wonder what they thought? I wonder if any had a foot fetish and for the first time in their lives, they wished the red light would last a bit longer.

When we finished up this set, we started to walk back to the car. We thought about doing another set, but we were both thirsty, a little hungry, and had to use the bathroom. We found a restaurant/bar on the way and decided to head in for a bit. 

What I didn't pay attention to, however, was the time. Alice had to work the next morning and was hoping to be home at a decent time. We ordered our food and were in the middle of eating when I realized it was already close to 8 p.m. Well, that meant we weren't squeezing in anymore sets before we left. We jumped in the car and got back on the road. 

Naturally, we hit a 20 minute back up on the highway at about the halfway point home. Alice wanted to be back home around 9 p.m., but it was going to be closer to 10:45 p.m. Still, I don't think she was upset. We had a great day, like we always do, got to do some photos, and see some scenic spots in the process.

Although I've attained a good cache of unpublished sets of Alice at this point, I'm certain you'll see her pop up here again before long. I love shooting this friend of mine and I'm so glad she enjoys as much as she does. I can always count on her for some great photos and an adventurous day. Thanks Alice!

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