Sunday, March 4, 2018

Sunday's Shoot - Alice & Maya

Last month, on February 16, I published the blog, "Dream Duos #6 - Alice & Maya" to this blog. I pretty much knew this pairing was a foregone conclusion, but still, it was a dream! Now, it's become a reality.

A few hours ago I met up with both Alice and Maya to do their first ever team up. We set some lofty goals to shoot four sets today, but we got a late start, shot the shit, ordered some pizza, and ended up with only two sets. Still, the two sets were ones that I loved and know you will too!

People have been asking for tickling, so Alice & Maya put these feathers to use.

Today's first set was a request I've been getting as of late. That request is tickling. I had bought a bunch of feathers for a duo set with Mindee and Melani back in December that saw some use, but mainly featured them playing with their socks (see blog: "Suite Teen Feet, Part 1 - Melani & Mindee"). Well, those feathers got some use today and ended up all over Alice's and Maya's feet.

The ladies began the set sitting on their butts, feet out in front. I wanted to get some awesome sole shots to begin. I knew as the set progressed, their pretty feet would end up all over the place. And even though Maya said she's not super ticklish, Alice sure did find some spots that got those long toes to clench.

Once I had enough photos to make up the set, I had the ladies go to town on each other's feet in several tickling clips. The first one had them both tickling their outstretched soles. The second one saw Alice tickling Maya. The third, Maya tickling Alice.

After this set we all took a break. I ordered us some food, which ended up being pizza because these ladies sure do love pizza! I don't know where they put it all as both can certainly beat me in an eating contest hands down.

Since our second set was also going to take place on Maya's bed, we just went back in after we got our fill of pizza. The ladies did a quick change and waited patiently. The theme for this set would be a shoe swap.

A shot of Alice & Maya before they tried on each other's shoes.

Having two models with drastically different size feet, with Alice's size 11's and Maya's size 7.5's, I thought it would be so cute for each of the girls to "try" to put on each other's shoes in the set. Maya's shoes would hang off of Alice's feet and Maya's feet would swim in Alice's shoes.

The ladies once again got onto the bed and sat side by side. I shot the duo with their shoes still on and had them slowly pull them off. I focused on their slender bare feet for a bit, but before long, the swap had to occur. When it did, everything I counted on happening, happened. Surprisingly, Alice squeezed her feet completely into Maya's shoes too, although those long toes were curled inside. Maya's toes had plenty of room to wiggle around in contrast. That, I fully expected.

Sadly, these were the only two sets we got to shoot today. Things went so well in each set that I just know that anything else we would have done would have also rocked! Oh well... Maya and I are planning on getting together next week. She potentially has a friend of hers who would also like to shoot for the first time. As for Alice, she's busy next week, but I am not letting her go without shooting for months on end like she had up until today. I miss her company and big feet. She's always been good to me and fun to shoot.

Thanks for a great day ladies! It was fun hanging out with both of you and getting these photos. I can't wait to do it again.

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