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1,000 Toes In: The First 100 Models of Soles of Silk, Pt. 7 (Lexi - Meagan)

Welcome to the seventh installment of the "1,000 Toes In" blog series. This series celebrates on each of the first 100 models to appear on Soles of Silk. All of these models deserve all the praise I will throw their way in these 10 blog entries. Please be sure to check out all the previous entries, as well as any newer ones, once they're published. Now, onto the next 10 models on Soles of Silk:

Lexi (size 7)
Model #: 22
Debut Date: July 20, 2005
Published Sets: 6
Published Photos: 336
Wu's Feet Links Features: Sexy Pedicure (May 2009) *Non-Soles of Silk feature
Wu's Feet Links Interviews: March 2005

Wu's Feet Links Hall of Fame: Class of 2005
Star Model Accolades: 2005 (2nd)
Annual Top 10 Favorite Photo Set Blogs Appearances: 2005 (6th)
Other Notables: Used to run several foot fetish and stocking fetish sites.

I couldn't begin to tell you how excited I was to land Lexi as a Soles of Silk model. I, like so many people at the time, was a massive fan of Lexi and her arches. Her sites were very popular and the Wu's Feet Links Forum was always gushing over her content. She did an interview for Wu's as well as a feature set. She was also inducted into the Wu's Feet Links Hall of Fame in 2005, by Wu himself. This technically makes her the only Wu's Feet Links Hall of Famer that has shot for Soles of Silk. I did shoot Janet Mason, a Class of 2000 inductee for The 10 Little Piggies, however.

Having said all that, you couldn't imagine all the emails and personal messages I got on the forum when I announced that Lexi and I would be working together. So many people told me how jealous they were and how they couldn't wait to see what we did together. With so many in love with Lexi, and many people being fans of my work, they knew things were going to be good!

The day I got to work with Lexi was amazing. I was originally slated to shoot Lexi during the day and then her friend Jenn, in the evening. Jenn, however, no showed and Lexi felt bad that I had drove eight hours plus to do these photos. She told me she'd shoot for me all day instead. I appreciated that so much and am glad things happened that way. A few of our best sets of the day came in the evening. If you'd like to see how the day went in detail, check out this old column I wrote back in 2005, "Meeting Lexi - A Fan Boy's Dream."

I stayed in touch with Lexi and we talked about setting up another shoot one summer, but then I stopped hearing from her. I noticed her site stopped updating, so it's only feasible to think that she stepped out of the modeling game, or her and her husband are no longer together. What I wouldn't give to shoot Lexi and her feet again!

Lisa Tyler (size 7)
Model #: 7
Debut Date: December 29, 2004
Published Sets: 8 
Published Photos: 425
Wu's Feet Links Features: Creamy Soles (2003) *Non-Soles of Silk feature
Star Model Accolades: 2004 (2nd)
Annual Top 10 Favorite Photo Set Blogs Appearances: 2004 (1st)
Other Notables: Site debut model. Used to run her own foot fetish site. Appeared on several other foot fetish sites.

Although Lisa Tyler was the seventh model to shoot for Soles of Silk prior to its launch, she was probably one of the most influential when it came to shooting people I didn't know. She wasn't the first "model" that I met with either, but she was just the most outgoing and friendly of the lot. I knew of her awesome resume from her sets with other sites, as well as her very own. I was a little intimidated by all that and I even shared that with her before we began. Remember, at the time, I didn't have a site to even show what I was looking to do, or photos that I had already done. Just some old samples from my days running The 10 Little Piggies and some links to other sites whose work I loved.

None of that mattered to Lisa. She pretty much began doing poses  immediately as I pointed the camera her way. I barely had to do anything. She'd throw out tips and suggestions as we went, but she was nice every moment of the way. She told me she loved the photos we were doing when I showed her some of them. That made me feel even better about working with someone who had so much experience compared to me at the time.

Lisa and I shot a handful of sets that first time and ended up meeting up again a few years later. Just like that first time, she was a breeze to work with and I loved every minute of getting to meet up with her again. Years after that, however, we lost touch and I haven't seen her appear on any sites since. Her own site is also no longer online. I hope she's doing well. I thank her for all the positive comments and help she gave me during our shoots together. I'd love nothing more than to see her shoot again - even if it's just for one last time.

Lizzie (size 7.5)
Model #: 42
Debut Date: August 8, 2007
Published Sets: 2
Published Photos: 126

Lizzie was one of a few models I met through my site's old One Model Place account. She's probably the last person I shot who I met through that site.

I honestly know very little about Lizzie as we only met up one time, shooting a couple of sets in downtown Baltimore. She came with her boyfriend, who went off to do some stuff while we shot. She did great and we talked about shooting again down the road. That wasn't too be the case and we lost touch eventually.

Madison (size 8.5)
Model #: 2
Debut Date: December 29, 2004
Published Sets: 28
Published Photos: 1,832
K Clubs: 1K (January 2008)
Wu's Feet Links Features: Piggy Bank Piggies (March 2008)
Star Model Accolades: 2004 (1st), 2006 (2nd), 2008 (2nd)

Annual Top 10 Favorite Photo Set Blogs Appearances: 2004 (5th), 2005 (1st, 7th), 2006 (2nd, 5th, 7th), 2007 (4th), 2008 (6th), 2009 (2nd, 7th)Other Notables: Site debut model. Former model for The 10 Little Piggies. First model to be inducted into the 1K Club.

Before Mindee or Cierra, Madison was my go-to friend for photos. She held the throne of most photographed model on the site until Cierra nabbed it on the January 12, 2011 update - one year after Madison's last update.

Madison and I used to work together and she was actually my senior prom date. I had interest in her for a time, but we never really dated and ended up just staying friends. She dated another friend of ours from work, so we were always hanging out with one another when our group of friends decided to meet up.

Madison is one of the few models on Soles of Silk who also shot for The 10 Little Piggies when I was in college. She wasn't one of my main models then, but when Soles of Silk was born, she was all over it! We met up regularly to shoot and shot some awesome sets. I never got tired of having her feet in front of my camera. She was a sucker for foot rubs and would even wear shoes, even boots, all day to work and come by for an after work massage and shoot. She knew I loved her feet sweaty and she sure didn't mind getting that way for me to rub. So many times I got to unwrap those warm, moist size 8.5 feet before we began.

Had Madison never broke up with her boyfriend and moved out of state, I wonder if Mindee would be the site's most photographed model today. Madison, like Mindee is now, was always there for shoots and I just kept shooting her time and time again. I do miss her and would love to shoot just one more set of her. Talk about a major return to the site if that ever happened.

Mandy (size 7.5)
Model #: 75
Debut Date: July 24, 2013
Published Sets: 3
Published Photos: 159

Mandy and I worked together, although when she became part time, she rarely worked at all. I used to tease her that she got in more hours with my camera than she did at work, even though she only shot three sets. Yeah, I she was off way more than she was scheduled.

Being really good friends with Kimmie and Kellie, Mandy knew all about my site and fetish. The thing is, I never asked her to shoot because one day she made a comment about her feet being ugly. A few years later though, she called me out and asked me why I never asked her to shoot. I told her because of the comment she made. She then told me she only said that because her toes weren't painted and she had been a little rough on them that weekend. I said, "Okay, let's schedule a shoot then."

As you can see, she ultimately shot for me. We picked some hot days, however, and only got in three sets on two different days. We also had a lot of tourists and kids come right into the space where we were shooting. None of them gave two shits that I had a camera out and was trying to take her photos. It's not like we were smack dab in the middle of some popular tourist spot either.

Eventually Mandy would stop working part time with me and has since gone on to another job. I'm still friends with her on social media, but we haven't talked in a good while. It's not for any particular reason, or anything. Maybe I should see how she feels about a return shoot one day.

Marcy (size 8)
Model #: 59
Debut Date: April 14, 2010
Published Sets: 10
Published Photos: 769
Annual Top 10 Favorite Photo Set Blogs Appearances: 2010 (5th, 6th), 2014 (1st), 2016 (3rd)
Other Notables: Mindee's cousin. 
Mariah's cousin. Shelby's niece. Shot her first sets only a few weeks after her 18th birthday.

I couldn't begin to tell you how much Marcy would pester me about wanting to shoot for Soles of Silk while we were at work. There was a major problem, however, she wasn't old enough yet. She was 17 and friends with a bunch of the girls at work who were shooting for me. She is also Mindee's cousin, who had been shooting for me for six years at that point. I told her to calm down and she could once her birthday came.

Naturally, when that birthday came, you best believe that Marcy was ready to be in front of the camera. I met her at Mindee's house and we went out and shot a few sets, which came out quite well. My favorite of the bunch was a barely legal theme we did out behind a school. In it, she pulled an issue of Leg Show magazine out of her book bag to look at her first porno magazine. Yeah, a magazine. Times have changed, haven't they? Had I shot that today, she would have had to have had a tablet and looked at a web site instead.

Over the years I have gotten in some amazing sets with Marcy, both solo and especially with Mindee. I think every team up those two have done have been featured on my Top 10 listings for that year. They have so much fun together and I always come away with great photos and lots of time rubbing their size 8 feet.

It's too bad that Marcy comes and goes with shooting. She's always shot in chunks, doing a few here and a few there. It's been a while since her last shoot, but I'd love to have her back again. Time will tell.

Maria (size 7.5)
Model #: 1
Debut Date: December 29, 2004
Published Sets: 2
Published Photos: 77
Annual Top 10 Favorite Photo Set Blogs Appearances: 2004 (8th)
Other Notables: First model to shoot for Soles of Silk. Appeared on several other foot fetish sites.

Although Maria is the first person to shoot new photos for Soles of Silk, prior to it's launch, she is perhaps the one model I know the least about. I had seen her work on a few foot fetish sites back in 2004, including one called Foot Fun House, that is no longer online. I was able to reach out to her to see if she was interested in shooting. Luckily for me, she was passing through my area in the near very near future. We made plans and shot a couple of sets and that's how she became the first model to shoot for Soles of Silk. It was all about timing and she was coming through the area right when I hit her up.

After the two sets Maria and I shot, I never saw or really heard from her again. I couldn't tell you if she kept modeling or not. Even going back a few years after our shoot, I don't think I saw her popping up on any other sites at that time.

Mariah (size 5.5)
Model #: 25
Debut Date: September 7, 2005
Published Sets: 3
Published Photos: 197
Annual Top 10 Favorite Photo Set Blogs Appearances: 2013 (1st)
Other Notables: Mindee's cousin. Marcy's cousin. Shelby's niece.

I remember when Mindee told me that her cousin, Mariah, was interested in shooting for me. This was less than a year after the site's launch and it paved the way for Mindee recruiting not only more models for the site, but her relatives to be exact. Since then, she's gotten Marcy (cousin), Rilynn (sister-in-law), and Shelby (mother) to shoot. There's more on the way too, which I'll talk about when we focus on Mindee in the next part of this blog series.

I ended up shooting two sets featuring Mariah that first time. Sadly, however, the team up I did with both Mindee and Mariah, in front of a police station downtown, was lost when my eMac crashed. I didn't have a back up of that one set for some reason. The video clip somehow survived and can be found on the site on Page 1 of the clips archives.

It would end up being seven years before I'd get to shoot Mariah again. I thought she was a one and done, but Mindee told me she was up for shooting again. I quickly made those plans and got in two awesome sets with Mariah, one of which is one of my all-time favorite sets, the Playdoh one shown above.

It's now going on six years since Mariah shot those sets and I'd love to have her return for a third round of sets. Should that ever happen, I'm going to try my hardest to see if I can get her to shoot more than just two sets. I'd like to have a backlog of content featuring Mariah for the future. Can you blame me? She's very pretty and has such adorable feet.

Maya (size 7.5)
Model #: 99
Debut Date: February 14, 2018
Published Sets: 2
Published Photos: 131
Other Notables: Debuted with a Valentine's Day themed set.

Maya was someone I got along with immediately at work when she was hired. She had a fun personality and we would joke with one another constantly. After a few years, however, she'd find another job and never took me up on my offer to shoot for Soles of Silk all the times I had asked her.

Still in touch with Maya through social media, I reached out to her earlier this year to see how she was doing. We made small talk and the conversation turned to my site eventually. Maya told me that she was thinking it might be fun to finally take me up on my offer to shoot. I told her I'd love that and the door was always open for her. She told me she was going to talk it over with her then boyfriend and get back to me.

It didn't take Maya long to tell me she was good to go. Even though it was early in the year, the time I'm usually publishing all the sets I took the year prior, I decided to see if Maya wanted to do a couple indoor sets right away. I had an idea in mind to debut her on the 2018 Valentine's update and Maya thought that would be perfect. We made plans and shot at the end of that very week.

Maya told me, while we were setting up for her first set, that she didn't think people would like her long toes. I knew she was self-conscious about them from previous years when I rubbed her feet... eh, foot. Check out the blog, "Dream Duos #6 - Alice & Maya," where I explain that unique little massage. Anyhow, I assured her just how much people love Alice and her long toes. I knew Maya would be just fine and those fears of hers were put to rest immediately when Maya's cereal photo on Instagram (@SolesofSilk), gained more likes than any other up to that point in time. It currently sits as the site's second most liked photo today, passed only by one of Melani's lotion photos.

After her first shoot, I was able to make my dream duo happen when I teamed Maya up with Alice in a long toe showing like no other. With both of them being friends from our time working together, this shoot went so well and was a ton of fun. I'd love to get them together again one day. We have some plans for when that should occur too.

It's been a few months since I last shot with Maya and I'm hoping we can find some time to do some more again before long. I loved our shoots so far and I have always found Maya to be so beautiful. I really want her to become one of my regular models moving forward.

Meagan (size 6.5)
Model #: 18
Debut Date: June 8, 2005
Published Sets: 2
Published Photos: 117
Annual Top 10 Favorite Photo Set Blogs Appearances: 2005 (9th)

When I asked Chloe to model for Soles of Silk she asked me if her friend, Meagan, could also shoot. I had seen Meagan a time or two when hanging out with Chloe and knew she was cute. Naturally, I told her to bring her along.

Sadly, this cutie only shot for me one time as her and Chloe had a falling out. I was still friends with Meagan on MySpace back in the day and she told me she'd still be interested in shooting. Nothing ever came of it, however, as each time we spoke about it, she'd never give me any of her open dates. I only wish I had gotten in more with her. I loved her and her little feet.

I hope you enjoyed this look at the 10 models above. Be on the lookout for Part 8 of this 10 part blog series in the days to come.

 Soles of Silk today to see this and over 10 years of foot fetish content!

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