Preview - Melani's March to 1K

This set will be Melani's first during Melani's March to 1K.

I like to give credit where it is due. Last year Melani was a huge addition to Soles of Silk. Only 18 at the time (turned 19 this month), she quickly fell in love with shooting after her April 12, 2017 debut. It didn't take her long to catch on and begin to see just how cute her little size 6 feet truly were. Many of you were a huge part of that with all your positive comments and likes on the Soles of Silk social media accounts, mainly on Instagram (@SolesofSilk). Many of her photos reach over 1,000 likes whenever I post them at this point.

Now, however, it's time to focus on another 1,000. Sitting at 510 photos at the time of writing this, Melani has so many more sets waiting to be published. Her joining of the 1K Club is only a matter of time since she has enough photos in waiting to make that happen. Melani shot a total of 21 sets last year, of which only seven are currently published. Those published numbers are about to get bigger!

For the entirety of March, Melani will be the sole focus (pun intended). The March 7, 14, 21, and 28 updates will all feature Melani. I'm calling this endeavour, Melani's March to 1K.

While this four week focus on Melani won't see her break the 1K mark, it's going to inch her ever so close! By the time April arrives, she will have a few hundred more photos on the site coming from five new sets. Yes, I said five. You can see the first week's set featured above, and the three that will follow below. Where the fifth set comes in is during the same week as week four's set. During the shooting of the video clip after that set, Melani shot photos of her own feet. I thought it would be neat to showcase those photos in a fifth, bonus gallery. I figured you would all like to see them.

This coming month will be a memorable one with lots of amazing photos. I have never published the same model for more than two consecutive weeks up until this point. I just know that if Melani is anything like she was last year, she's going to be eating up a lot of camera time again in 2018. I have to get some of these sets online, plus, many of you have been asking to see some of these sets for months. Best of all... there will still be plenty of sets yet to come!

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