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2018 Soles of Silk Wish List

Here we are, two weeks into 2018. So far things have been pretty easy going as far as Soles of Silk is concerned. It's been ice cold as of late and I shot so many photos in 2017 that I have been focused on getting some of those great sets onto the site. The Annual Soles of Silk Trivia Contest: 2017 Edition is underway and I have been getting some work in on things such as the Wu's Feet Links Interviews Blog

As for the next 11 months, there are a number of things that I'm hoping to accomplish that I'm sure many of you will enjoy. I'd like to share some of them with you as a wishlist for 2018. These are not the only things I'm hoping to see happen this year, but some of the more notable ones.

Talk about a threesome of models I'd like to have shoot together - Mindee, Alice, & Melani.

Threesomes are More Fun!
In 2016 Mindee had two threesomes - meaning three model sets of course! Get your mind out of the gutter! The first one was with Reese and Rein. The second, with her sister-in-law, Rilynn and Noelle. Both those sets were finally published to the site in 2017 and were hits with fans. Now that it's been a couple of years since I've last shot a threesome, I think that in 2018 I want Mindee in another one (lucky girl, huh?). The two models I want with her are Alice and Melani.

The whole idea of this set was sparked when Mindee and Melani were shooting Part 1 of the "Suite Teen Feet" series in December. Mindee had shot with both Melani and Alice in duo sets in 2017 and during that evening the three of us said how cool it would have been to have had Alice there too. I told them I'd mention the idea to her and maybe we could all make it happen in 2018.

Naturally, Alice loved the idea as much as Mindee and Melani did. I sure as hell love the idea too and I'm sure many of you do as well. If I can make it happen, I'd like to get the three of them together for an entire day of shoots. We'd do several trios and duos with lots of foot massages and teasing of the photographer throughout the entirety of what will surely be a day to remember.

I wasn't able to shoot with Kaycee one time in 2017. That's got to change!

Shoot A Wider Variety of Models
I just said how much I wanted to shoot Mindee, Alice, and Melani together. Well, those three are some of my most photographed models in recent years. In 2017, however, I had numerous regular models not even shoot a single set including Kaycee and Kelsey most notably. I want that to change.

I'm not saying I won't get in a bunch of sets with the likes of Mindee, Alice, or Melani, it's just that I want to make sure that other models don't totally miss out. It's not always easy finding time with some models due to schedules, but I'll try to push the issue as much as I can.

I recently met Mia Kay on Twitter. We're hoping to shoot together in the spring.

Find New Models
In 2017 I was able to land five new models, including Melani. Well, I want to keep that up and have some new feet on display in 2018. There are a couple of females I work with who might be up for it, as well as a few friends of my existing models. Furthermore, I've talked to a few people online who have expressed interest.

Mia Kay, who I met on Twitter (@MiaKayXXX), immediately caught my eye. I commented how much I adore her and she replied. From there, we have been carrying on a conversation about getting together in the spring for a day of shooting. I'm hoping to get in some sets of her on the beach and then perhaps retire to a hotel suite for the evening and get in some indoor shots as well. I'd love to make a day out of it and come away with lots of great content.

There are a couple of other models who I've also talked to about shooting, but they're not as close as Mia. Still, I'm hoping to maybe set something up with a few of them should either of us be in the other's region. I'll keep everyone posted.

Talked to Aspen briefly last month. Hope we can shoot again. It's been years.

Returning Models from Years Ago
In 2017 I was lucky enough to get both Charlee and Emerald back shooting after a three year absence. Now, since I shoot so many photos at once, and slow down on posting models who haven't shot recently to prolong their content, you might not of even known that they hadn't shot in that long. Still, I like to have all these wonderful ladies shooting whenever I can get them. Going years without shooting new content sucks.

Some of the models I'm really hoping to get to return this year include: Abby (3 years), Ashlyn (4), Aspen (5), Carlin (6), Cierra (3), Kayleigh (4), and Shayna (10). The reason I have named these models is because these are the ones I have actually spoke to, even slightly. They all seemed interested, although I'm sure not all of them will happen. Sadly, what some people say and do are always two different things.

Other models I'd love to see return, but haven't really heard anything back from whenever I've asked over the last year include: Amber (14), Amelia (3), Colleen (5), Mileena (6), Riley (3), Ryan (5), and Wendy (6).

Learn Adobe Muse & Streamline the Site
Yeah, this was on last year's list and didn't get done to the point I would have liked. I did get to play around and do some general learning of Adobe Muse, but setting up the site and doing a serious take on a redesign did not take place.

Although I did not physically begin laying out my new vision for Soles of Silk, I have been keeping notes on ideas that I'd like to implement. I want my update nights to be faster with less items to have to update. I'm thinking of ways to reorganize content and when I'm ready to move forward, I might be posing questions to you about my ideas. Hopefully I won't have this on next year's list.

Lux Lives (left) helped kick off the reboot of the Wu's Feet Links Interviews Blog.

Wu's Interviews & Columns Soft Reboot
It was a rough year for me in 2017 and sadly, one of the things that took a major hit was the Wu's Feet Links Interviews Blog and Columns Blog. At many turns I was promised interviews by foot models who then didn't come through. Whenever I'd ask about their progress, or even if they were still going to take part, I'd get no reply. Some of those models had no problems talking about other stuff on social media whenever I mentioned it too. They just totally blew me off when it came to those interviews.

Adding in the rough year I had with a family member's addition problems and I just didn't feel like sitting at the computer many nights and writing. It got to the point that I went ahead and let things coast until 2018, when I planned on a soft reboot.

Now that 2018 is here, Lux Lives has been published as the January 2018 interview. Her and her big size 11 feet demand attention and I'm so glad she was up for the interview. I've discussed interviews with several other people and have high hopes for the future. Sadly, a few others have already become ghosts whenever I ask how things are going. Due to this, I am going to post interviews every other month moving forward. That will make all interviews go up on odd number months. The Columns Blog will also be updated the same way, but done on even numbered months.

Alice's 2017 Wu's Feet Links Feature reveal is the most viewed blog on the Soles of Silk Blog.

More Fun Blogs
Although the Wu's Feet Links blogs suffered in 2017, the Soles of Silk Blog was very active. A total of 139 blogs were posted in 2017, second only to 2014's 140 blogs. This is a trend I'd like to keep going.

Every year since this blog was launched, I have published over 100 entries. I like keeping everyone informed of all updates, the shoots I just wrapped up, and so many other news items. I also like to insert some fun blogs such as last year's series, "Dream Duos." I'm going to be keeping up with that as well as some "Models I Miss," which I began in 2016.

Also be prepared for a number of "Footography" blogs in 2018. For those of you who haven't seen one of these, they're blogs I do whenever a model joins one of the "K Clubs." Usually they're the 1K Club types (1,000 photos), but with Mindee in recent years, there has been a 2K, 3K, and even a 4K Footgraphy. A few models are only a few photos away from joining one of these clubs. When that happens there will be a footography for each one covering their last 1,000 photos.

In Closing
This year has the potential to be a great year all around. There are so many great sets already shot that are just waiting to be published. If 2017 was any indication, there will be a lot more shot in 2018 as well. I hope you enjoy everything coming your way as much as I do shooting it, editing it, posting it, and sharing it with all of you.

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