Soles of Silk - 2011's Star Models

Beginning in 2015 I began naming Soles of Silk's Star Models, which was a listing of the three models who shot the most photos that calendar year. While putting together 2017's Star Model list, I began to wonder just who the site's Star Models were from 2004-14. That curiosity got the best of me and I decided to go ahead and retroactively name those star models in a blog series. I had quite a few surprises along the way too. (Remember: These are sets shot, not published during the course of the year.)

Not since the site's earliest years did two brand new models tie for the top spot on a Star Models list. Here in 2011, it happened again. Rookies reigned supreme and two of the site's most photographed models followed them up, missing the top spot by only a single set.

Now, onto 2011's Star Models*:

2. (tied) Kayleigh
Debuted: 2009
# of sets posed for in 2011: 4

When I sat down to tally up all the Star Models for this retroactive series, I figured Kayleigh would be featured numerous times. After her debut in 2009, it seemed like she was regularly in front of my camera. While that was indeed the case, shooting three sets in 2009, seven sets in 2010, and four sets here in 2011, a few factors kept that from being true.

In her debut year, Kayleigh wasn't able to shoot until she turned 18 in October. She literally shot that very day. We were out on our friend's porch that very morning shooting Halloween themed sets. Then she'd also save my ass by doing a Christmas themed set that someone else flaked out on. So she shot a bunch real quick upon her debut. Still, it was too late in the year to really build up a count. Then, in 2010, she shot a bunch, but so did Cierra (8), Jordana (8), and Jamie (10) and she missed making the Star Model list by just one set.

Here in 2011, however, she finally get the attention she and her little feet deserve. Kayleigh was there for me whenever I asked and also came to me to shoot when she was free. Although only a Star Model once, I am thankful for so many great sets that she did for me up until this point and beyond.

2. (tied) Charlee
Debuted: 2009
# of sets posed for in 2011: 4

Oddly enough, Charlee finds herself in the same boat as Kayleigh. She was one of my regulars, shooting here and there, but just not enough to make any of the previous year's Star Model listings. In 2011, however, she got her due. We had a blast shooting some of Charlee's most popular sets, including one of my favorites, found above.

Oddly enough, the trend of Charlee shooting a good amount of sets, but falling just short didn't end here. She misses next year's list by a single set too! Poor Charlee!

1. (tied) Mileena
Debuted: 2011
# of sets posed for in 2011: 5

It took me a few years to land her, but Mileena finally agreed to shoot in 2011 and I jumped at the chance. I was so excited to make it happen that I took off an afternoon of work and we got started early that morning.

Mileena insisted that she do a shoot with my then car, a black 2004 Nissan 350-Z. She loved the car and if that's what she wanted, then I was fine by that. We even got chased off our first location shooting with my car, but that didn't stop us. It did make a slight delay, however, so perhaps had that not of happened, Mileena might have just finished this year's listing alone, instead of tied with Ryan (below).

1. (tied) Ryan
Debuted: 2011
# of sets posed for in 2011: 5

Debuts don't get any bigger than Ryan's. Although Jamie topped last year's Star Model list with 10 sets, and Ryan only did half that number, it was the way in which she came onto the scene that got everyone's attention. I had some ideas floating around in my head for a model to represent Soles of Silk in the July 2011 Wu's Feet Links feature set, but then it hit me. My friend Ryan was turning 18 just before the set needed to be submitted. What if I debuted her in the feature set? It had never been done before and I wasn't sure what Wu would think. I sent him a head shot of Ryan and told him my plan. He green lit the idea real quick upon seeing her photo and said he knew this was going to be big.

Well, big turned out to be an understatement. Ryan's debut set, "Sexiest Catch," caused an uproar. People wanted to see more of her and began joining Soles of Silk looking for content. Problem was, that was her only set. I quickly added a set of her on Soles of Silk itself the week following the feature, which the image above comes from. Both sets were massive hits and to this day, Ryan is one of the site's most beloved models.

Thanks for joining me on this stroll through Soles of Silk's history. I always aim to give my models as much credit as possible. Without them, Soles of Silk wouldn't be what it is. Please be sure to check out the next retroactive installment where I cover 2012's Star Models.

* When I began naming Soles of Silk's Star Models in 2015, I decided to list the three most photographed models of the year. When going back to do these blogs retroactively, it became apparent that there would be many ties. Due to this fact, you will often see more than three models featured.

Retroactive Star Model Leader Count (as of 2011)

This portion of the blog was added in November 2017 when I went back to do the Star Models of years past (2004-14). I wanted to see which models made the most appearances throughout the years and who actually shot the most, well, the most? Wanting to know this information, I decided to share the results at the conclusion of these blogs as they progress. I will include this on each and every installment moving forward.

Most Overall Appearances
  • 3 appearances - Madison (2004, 2006, 2008), Layla (2005, 2007, 2009), Cierra (2008, 2009, 2010)
  • 2 appearances - Kellie (2005, 2006), Molly (2005, 2006), Wendy (2006, 2008), Jordana (2008, 2010)
  • 1 appearance - Lauryn (2004), Lisa Tyler (2004), Sue Lovely (2004), Kimmie (2005), Lexi (2005), Abby (2007), Mindee (2007), Lady Steph (2008), Jaylee Austin (2009), Jamie (2010), Charlee (2011), Kayleigh (2011), Ryan (2011), Mileena (2011)

Most Overall 1st Place Appearances

  • 2 appearances - Kellie (2005, 2006)
  • 1 appearance - Madison (2004), Layla (2005), Cierra (2008), Jaylee Austin (2009), Jamie (2010), Mileena (2011), Ryan (2011)

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