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Soles of Silk - 2004's Star Models

Beginning in 2015 I began naming Soles of Silk's Star Models, which was a listing of the three models who shot the most photos that calendar year. While putting together 2017's Star Model list, I began to wonder just who the site's Star Models were from 2004-14. That curiosity got the best of me and I decided to go ahead and retroactively name those star models in a blog series. I had quite a few surprises along the way too. (Remember: These are sets shot, not published during the course of the year.)

This first year for Soles of Silk was one where I did all of the sets over a few months as I prepared to launch the site by 2015. I actually got done ahead of schedule and the site launched on Dec. 29, 2004. Soles of Silk launched with eight models, half of which find themselves on the 2004 Star Models listing. Three of them shot four total sets, with one going above and beyond that first year, with seven.

Now, onto 2004's Star Models*:

2. (tied) Lauryn
Debuted: 2004
# of sets posed for in 2004: 4

Ah, Lauryn! I loved shooting Lauryn. She is the sister of a friend and former coworker of mine. She has always been so down to earth and fun loving. When I approached Madison about shooting for my brand new site, she mentioned asking Lauryn to do it as well. I was totally game knowing how fun she was to be around.

When Lauryn shot, she was every bit as energetic as I knew her to be. She was, however, overly worried that people would not like her feet. She claimed she has "dancer" feet and wasn't sure what people would think of her long toes. I assured her that there are many fans who would love them. Well, that turned out to be an understatement as Lauryn was perhaps my most popular model at launch. People loved her waffles and syrup set (above) as well as some schoolgirl sets done with Madison.

2. (tied) Lisa Tyler
Debuted: 2004
# of sets posed for in 2004: 4

Intimidated! That was how I felt as soon as Lisa Tyler agreed to shoot for me. Until that point in time, I had no site to show. I only had photos from my old site, The 10 Little Piggies to reference. Still, Lisa Tyler agreed to shoot for me.

I had reached out to Lisa after seeing her Wu's Feet Links feature set, "Creamy Soles." I wasn't sure if she'd shoot for me since she was running her own site at the time, Forever Feet. Luckily for me, she did.

I met Lisa down in Virginia while she was meeting with other photographers. We made plans to do some sets one morning/afternoon and I even took off work to make it happen. I told her up front that she was so much more experienced than I was at that point and I was intimidated. She assured me I'd be fine and she went to town striking poses. I didn't have to do much of anything other than take the photos. Lisa was in control and I came away with some great material.

Having Lisa on my site for it's launch really helped me with some creditability. Some people remembered my older site, but when it came to landing models who shot for other sites, she became a great reference. I showed off some of her photos to land other models, like Sue Lovely below.

2. (tied) Sue Lovely
Debuted: 2004
# of sets posed for in 2004: 4

I met Sue Lovely on a modeling portfolio page after I had shot Lisa Tyler. I have always had a massive fondness for Asian women and I was ecstatic when Sue Lovely agreed to shoot.

I spent an afternoon/evening with Sue downtown. We did a couple of sets outdoors and a couple indoors. We did everything from socks to stockings, to dusty feet to peanut butter and jelly. Sue's photos were a big hit, but sadly that shoot was the only one we ever got to do. She stopped modeling, as far as I know. Too bad, as I would have loved to have seen her name pop up as a Star Model lots of time. Shooting her little Asian feet will always be a great memory from my site's earliest days.

1. Madison
Debuted: 2004
# of sets posed for in 2004: 7

This woman... If it wasn't for Madison in the site's early years, I don't know if I would have been as successful as I was. Madison was there for every twist, turn, and crazy idea I had. She loved being in front of my camera and showing off her long, narrow feet. She loved more than that too, but I'll get to that in a minute.

When I began tallying up all the Star Models from 2004-14, I figured Madison would run away with things for a few years, but that didn't turn out to be the case. This first year she topped the list and although it isn't her only appearance as a Star Model, it shocked me that it was the only time she placed first. I felt like we shot all the time during the site's start up. Guess others did just a bit more.

Nevertheless, Madison shot seven sets in 2004, a few with Lauryn, up above, and the rest by herself. She brought a fun loving attitude with each and every set. Hell, we probably would have done more than seven sets had we not sat around bullshitting like friends do. Can you blame me, though? Most of the time that happened, I was busy rubbing her skinny feet. I spent a lot of time doing that early on and sure do miss it! She loved it to, so there were no complaints from her!

Thanks for joining me on this stroll through Soles of Silk's history. I always aim to give my models as much credit as possible. Without them, Soles of Silk wouldn't be what it is. Please be sure to check out the next retroactive installment where I cover 2005's Star Models.

* When I began naming Soles of Silk's Star Models in 2015, I decided to list the three most photographed models of the year. When going back to do these blogs retroactively, it became apparent that there would be many ties. Due to this fact, you will often see more than three models featured.

Retroactive Star Model Leader Count (as of 2004)

This portion of the blog was added in November 2017 when I went back to do the Star Models of years past (2004-14). I wanted to see which models made the most appearances throughout the years and who actually shot the most, well, the most? Wanting to know this information, I decided to share the results at the conclusion of these blogs as they progress. I will include this on each and every installment moving forward.

Most Overall Appearances
  • 1 appearance - Madison (2004), Lauryn (2004), Lisa Tyler (2004), Sue Lovely (2004)

Most Overall 1st Place Appearances
  • 1 appearance - Madison (2004)

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