Models I Miss - Lauryn

"Do I enjoy having my feet massaged? 'Enjoy' doesn't even begin explain!"
- Lauryn: Introductory Interview

Welcome to the fifth entry into the Models I Miss series here on the Soles of Silk Blog. This blog series focuses on some of my former models who have either stopped modeling, moved, or are just someone I've lost touch with. In this installment, I focus on the ever so energetic, Lauryn.

Back in 2004 I decided I wanted to open up another foot fetish site. In the years prior I had run a couple of different foot fetish sites, both on Yahoo! Geocities and then a short-lived spin-off, The 10 Little Piggies. This time, however, I was going to make a membership-based site so it would sustain itself. That was the reason for The 10 Little Piggies failure. So I began to ask around and see if any of my former models and/or friends wanted to help me out.

I had worked with Lauryn for a short while and was friends with her brother. A mutual friend, and her brother's then girlfriend, Madison, reached out to her to see if she'd be interested in shooting for the site. Madison had already agreed, so she was going to see if she could bring her on board too.

Lauryn said she'd do it, wasn't sure if people would like her long toes and "dancer feet." I had seen her feet once before and knew she had long toes, but I sure didn't mind when I rubbed them that same evening for quite some time. So if she was willing, so was I!

Lauryn came by to shoot her first ever photos with Madison one evening and right away I was in love with her energy! She was a ball of fun and had a blast shooting whatever I asked of her. Whether it was some schoolgirl themed sets with Madison, or pouring syrup all over her feet as she squished some waffles, Lauryn owned the set.

I was quick to schedule another shoot with these two. The second shoot took place in a hotel suite that I rented out. Both Lauryn and Madison did some solo sets, but it was a pillow fight set the two did that just left me in awe. I knew people would love the set and I was right on the money with that prediction. This set, as well as those schoolgirl sets, showed me the value in shooting models who are already friends. The chemistry was there from the start and it was all captured on camera.

The shoot in the hotel suite were some of the last ones I shot prior to launching Soles of Silk. When it came time to launch the site during the final week of 2004, Lauryn's worries about her feet were quickly erased. She was a hit! A massive one! Lauryn was probably my most popular models at launch and remained so for some time.

Sadly, I didn't get to shoot Lauryn again for three years. We lost touch and when we did get to chat, she was often busy. When we did get to shoot, however, I remembered why I loved having her in front of the camera in 2004. Lauryn still had that energy and looked great in the two sets we did that evening. The image you see above came from the first set we did that day, and the second ended up being a yoga themed set that was totally her idea. We finished up that day getting a bite to eat and me treating her to a nice, long foot rub. That was the last time we shot and the last time I saw her size 8.5 feet.

Over the years I've reached out to Lauryn about shooting again. At first she seemed receptive to the idea, but family life has come and I think as much as she wants to, she has reasons for not doing it. I respect that and have left the door open for her. She's still very gorgeous and I bet her fun loving attitude hasn't left her. I know she'd still own any set she shot should if she came back. I'll just keep my fingers crossed.

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