Monday's Shoot - Jasey Rae

Lately I feel like I've had some bad luck with things not working out concerning shoots. Whether it is a model who cancels, runs late, a location not working out, or some other unforeseeable issue, it feels like I've run into these sort of things quite a bit over the last few months. Luckily for me, today's shoot with Jasey Rae still resulted in a really great set. Sure, we planned on three, but I decided not to force the issue and just do the one and be happy with it. We're planning on getting together soon, however, maybe even a couple of times.

The original plan for today called for Alice to meet up with Jasey and I. Alice was going to shoot this year's Ravens themed set, since things fell through with the original model, Melani, two weeks ago. A few days ago, however, Alice informed me that she too was unable to shoot the set due to some holiday plans, so Jasey Rae and I were left with the day to ourselves. And even though Jasey did last year's Ravens theme, I was up against a wall and told her she could do this year's too. Sadly, however, that set still didn't get shot today.

I picked up Jasey around 1 p.m. and we stopped at a few stores to browse some team merchandise. I had originally wanted to go downtown and shoot by the stadium, but there was an Orioles game today and I didn't want to fight the crowds. I came up with another idea that involved food, but I didn't want to fight off flies. That tends to happen with outdoor food shoots from my past experiences this time of year, so I decided to just see what we might find at the store instead. When we went shopping, however, we didn't find much of anything. That's when we decided to just shoot the Ravens one another day when we could go downtown - maybe this Wednesday, if it doesn't rain.

After leaving the store we made our way to a park that features some old houses on the grounds. We decided to shoot on the stone fence around one, but the sunlight was just so harsh. Today was not going as planned. That's when we decided to check out the little benches on the house's small front porch. The entire area was in the shade, but was still well lit. I did a few test shots and saw that the results were so much more desirable. Finally, we had some luck!

Jasey Rae had so much fun tugging off her socks and shoes in today's lone set.

The theme of this set, which turned out to be the only set we'd shoot today, was Harry Potter. Jasey is a massive fan of the franchise, both books and movies. She's always wanted to do something with the theme in one of her sets and we finally made that happen today. The shirt, the socks, the books - they all belong to Jasey and we put them to use.

Jasey began this set in her socks and shoes. She messed around with her books and then began the process of teasing all of us by pulling down her knee high socks and tugging off her shoes. She had a lot of fun poses during the process, like the one above. We both loved the shot as soon as we shot it.

As the set progressed, we began noticing noises inside the house. We thought no one was there. These houses belong to the park and serve as offices for employees. I joked that maybe it was a ghost. A few minutes later, someone opened the front door only a foot or so over Jasey's shoulder, saw us, and muttered, "Oh." That was it, he shut the door after that and that was the last we saw of him. We did hear him though as it sounded like he was running a vacuum. We laughed it off and finished up the set and video clip.

After we finished up the set, we walked around to see where we'd shoot our second set of the day. Sadly, however, we didn't see any other good spots in a shaded area to use. Wanting to attend a friend's Labor Day get together a few miles away, we decided to just postpone this set, like the Ravens one, for another day.

I ended up coming away with only one set today, but it was one that looks great. I guess we could have forced another set or two, but ultimately, both of us were of the mindset that we could do better on another day. I hope that holds true. It also means that perhaps we could come away with another set or two due to the extra scheduling. More photos with Jasey is never a bad thing! Can't wait to shoot her again.

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