Monday, September 12, 2016

Monday's Shoot - Kaycee

It sure did take a while, but Kaycee and I finally arranged some shoot time. Had you told me earlier this year that the first time Kaycee would model for a set would come in September, I wouldn't have believed you. She was one of my most photographed models in 2015, but this year we just didn't get to schedule anything until now. Earlier in the year it was the rain. During mid-summer it was just too damn hot. So here we are, finally getting in some photos.

I met up with Kaycee today around noon. We made our way to a waterfront park I have used for shoots before, but haven't been to in years. I thought it would be nice to see if anything had changed. Even if not, I knew I could potentially get a couple of sets done at the park.

Before I left my house I had asked Kaycee to bring some socks I had bought for her a while back. See, Kaycee loves cats and is one of those people who loves all the crazy cat videos on YouTube. When I saw the socks I bought her in the store, I just had to get them. I told her when I gave them to her that she'd have to eventually wear them. Well, today ended up being that day.

The original plan was to shoot at the playground, but I changed my mind.

With the playful nature of the socks, I decided to have Kaycee shoot on the park's playground equipment. After shooting about a dozen photos, however, I decided that the location just wasn't what I wanted. The sun was unfiltered today, and right overhead. Talk about harsh, dark, and long, shadows! There were just too many laying across the area from all the various poles. That's when I decided to go ahead and move us to a little boardwalk/nature trail just down the beach instead.

I will still publish these photos to the site at some point. I'll just treat them like Kaycee's cookout photos last year when we had to move locations and start over (see blog: "Sunday's Shoot - Kaycee").

Kaycee giving you just a little glimpse of her bare feet.

I didn't end up having a ton of room to shoot once we arrived at our new location either. I was, however, able to make it work. We began the set all over again, which really wasn't much of an issue. Kaycee never even got her socks off at the playground anyhow.

As I usually do with sets featuring socks, I had Kaycee give them a slow tug to tease them coming off ever so slowly. I actually had her get both socks just over her heels at the same time too, which looked kind of cute (see sample above). From there she gave them each a tug and was barefoot before I knew it.

The set would conclude with us shooting a bunch of barefoot shots and then moving locations to shoot a video clip to accompany the set. We found some picnic tables under a pavilion where I could get some better angles. From there, we had some thinking to do. You see, a few people came out to the beach area and were hanging out where I was thinking of shooting Kaycee's second set. Not wanting to be several feet (no pun intended) away from them, we got back into my car and started to drive. We needed another location, so our little journey began.

What we ended up coming with first was another waterfront park - a much larger one, with a few areas we could possibly work with. We paid the $3 for the car to enter the park and man, oh man, was it packed! Yeah, on a Monday in September the place was buzzing. County schools had off today, so I'm guessing people decided to go to the park? That and it looked like someone had reserved an area for a large family gathering or something.

Back to my car we went and I just began to drive. In my head I began thinking of some other local spots I've had luck with in the past. I didn't have too much time with Kaycee today as she had plans to meet some people around 4 p.m. We had about two hours, so we left this park and made our way to a third park on the day.

This park, also on the water, wasn't the size of the others. It is more of a community park, but one that is very well kept and quite modern. Luckily for us, there was only a few people around, so we finally had our second spot.

I parked and let Kaycee get changed into her outfit, which included some nude pantyhose. I have gotten quite a few requests for it lately, so I bought a few packs of pantyhose to use whenever one of my models and I are trying to think of a quick and easy theme. Plus, Kaycee's only set with stockings was when she did her zombie schoolgirl Halloween set back in 2014 (see blog: "Monday's Shoot - Kaycee"). These nude stockings would show her feet much more and would never have to be removed. And of course, they were splashed with fake blood either. Oops, didn't mean to ruin that for you. She really wasn't a zombie back then.

Kaycee's feet looked adorable encased in nude pantyhose.

We lucked out again when the spot I had in mind to shoot was free of people and was in the perfect alignment to work with the sunlight overhead. I had Kaycee sit down on the bench and within minutes, I was shooting her second set.

Kaycee brought along a neat pair of black shoes to use in this set. Since the pantyhose wouldn't be coming off, the shoe removal gave that slow tease element when it came to seeing her feet in their entirety. And when you could see them, they were adorable!

It was cute watching Kaycee spread and curl her toes while they were trapped inside that hose. It stretched and bunched up with each pose she did. Her vibrant toes were also easily visible with the pantyhose's sheerness. I'm sure all you stocking lovers, and especially you pantyhose lovers, will be quite excited for this one when it's published to the site.

As they say, good things come to those who wait. I liked both sets I was able to get in today with Kaycee. And although it took us quite some time to shoot this year, I still count her as one of my regulars who just adores modeling for all of you. I can't wait until the next time we shoot, which hopefully comes in the next few weeks. We will have to make up for some of that lost time!

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