Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday's Shoot - Mindee

So today something happened that has happened countless times since I opened Soles of Silk in 2004 - I did a photo shoot with Mindee. Although this is something we've done many times, it's always awesome when I'm able to shoot the site's most photographed model. Today was no different.

Mindee and I met up around 1 p.m. We discussed a few ideas for sets, but decided to more or less, just go with the flow. The only theme, if you will, that we decided to do was one with some comic book themed apparel and books. We had wanted this theme back during our mini-vacation a few months ago, but weren't able to. Well, we did today and it was the first set that we did.

Mindee doing a set my fellow comic book fans will love.

For this first set we took a drive to a waterfront area I've used before. Knowing the area is never populated, I figured it would be the perfect place for Mindee to pull off her Supergirl socks while reading some of the Supergirl books I also brought along. Add in that Supergirl shirt she was wearing and this set had some major nerd appeal. And speaking of nerd appeal, did any fellow comic nerds notice that not only did Mindee do a Power Girl set for Wu's Feet Links, "Piggies & Power Girl," but has now done a Supergirl one too? I won't go into details, but the comic fans will see why that makes sense.

The set went along quickly. I even joked with Mindee today that our photo count is always much higher than I think it to be when I glance down at the view screen. "You think you're a pro, or something," I said to her at one point.

As she's done before in her sets with socks, Mindee pulled the socks off her feet ever so slowly. I got in a few shots with them almost off, but not quite. I love those shots and Mindee sure knows how to have fun with them.

Once Mindee finally pulled off both socks I photographed those heavenly size 8's every which way possible. One of the shots I posted to the Soles of Silk Instagram (@SolesofSilk), a fan named foot_portrait wrote, "How can she have such perfect feet?" 

I honestly do not know, but one thing I do know is I've been telling her they're perfect from the first time I saw them. Why do you think I love shooting her so much? Well, that and the fact that she's the best female friend I've ever had. But yeah, those feet... so damn cute!

When we finished up this set we debated on what we'd do next. Mindee had brought a few different outfits since we didn't really iron out what we were doing, or where we were going before we left. What we decided on was a set along this small river in the middle of the woods. I figured it would be a great nature setting, especially with autumn upon us and the leaves changing.

Mindee enjoying a nice autumn day on the river.

This set took some walking before we were able to shoot. Mindee and I made the epic journey down some paths, some of which were a muddy mess, and others, obscured by fallen trees and bushes. We made it though, even after having to do some rock jumping right off the shoreline.

The setting was beautiful, but it got even better with Mindee in the camera's view finder. I loved her shirt choice for the set and think it just capped off the whole fall theme that we decided to go with.

It didn't take us long to get Mindee's feet front and center in some of the shots. Her feet got a little dirty, but she brushed them off for the most part. Well, so did I, but you know what I meant.

Since it was an overly cloudy day, Mindee and I tried to make use of getting the most out of the background. In the set you'll see Mindee sticking her feet out in front of a train bridge, a small set of rapids, a large rock face, and countless trees with leaves changing over. The area we shot with right in the middle of all that. We just had to pick which way we wanted to shoot.

This would be the last set we shot on the day. We thought about doing a third, but the sun was close to going down and with the long walk back to the car, we decided to just call it a day. Tomorrow, however, there is a chance that Mindee will be back in front of my camera again - and mostly likely, not alone. Guess you'll have to check back to see what all this is about, if our plans indeed do go through.

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