Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday's Shoot - Kelsey

Kelsey has been posing for me since 2006, so she's been showing me her soft soles and plump toes for almost 10 years now. That being said, I feel like we don't get to shoot as often as I'd like. She's got a lot going on in life, so I treasure any chance I get to go do photos with this long time friend. Today was our most recent adventure. And believe me, it was an adventure!

We were supposed to meet up around 1 p.m. today, but due to her nail salon taking forever, we got a late start. Once we were finally able to meet up, it was off to the park to do two sets. The first set was planned to be a little Halloween, trick or treat set. The second one was just going to be a casual barefoot theme. Our first set was just so goofy and our second, was nice and relaxing. Here's how the shoots went.

After driving around the park we found a little spot off under some trees. I didn't want to be right where everyone would be, although there was virtually no one in the park. Nevertheless, where we were, I seriously doubted anyone would come. I was right.

Kelsey sat up on the picnic table with her bowl full of candy. That was the treat part. Also in her arsenal was some slime and silly string. That was the trick part. By time the set would be finished, you'd get both tricks and treats. Talk about a mess too!

Talk about some treats!

The start of the set was all about the candy. I photographed Kelsey sticking the ring pop on her toes and then sticking sour strips of rainbow goodness between all the rest. She was cracking up laughing and I was telling her it looked like bacon - just much more colorful.

Once I had shot enough photos of those sweet feet, it was time to play around some more. Out came the silly string. Kelsey shot the string all over her feet and then right at me. The stuff was everywhere! Then came the slime. That gooey stuff plopped right down onto the table as it oozed off her toes. You could literally hear it make the plop noise. We both just laughed.

Eventually we'd get our photos in and pretty much do the same thing in video form. I couldn't believe how much silly string Kelsey shot onto her feet. The slime plopped out loud in the clip as well. By time we finished up, the bench was such a mess. I had no idea how to clean it up either, so we did the best we could. I think we needed a hose!

We made our way back to the car after the set and drove over to the beaches. Kelsey did a quick outfit change and I checked out the area. I decided to shoot her all around the building up on the top of the hill. I liked the nautical look of the building's architecture and thought it would make for an easy place for Kelsey to show her bare feet.

Kelsey showing off her plump toes and curvy soles.

The second set pretty much went off without a hitch. We just moved from spot to spot and Kelsey just presented me her pretty feet wherever we went. The set moved along quickly and before you we knew it, we were shooting the clip and finishing up.

It was great to spend some time with Kelsey today. She's been posing for me for a long time and I'm glad she still does. I've always found her little feet to be the cutest. Hope she's still posing them for me for another 10 years to come!

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