Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday's Shoot - Amelia

Back in January I added a blog to the Soles of Silk Blog titled, "Shoots to Look Forward to in 2015." In the piece I had a section about Amelia titled, "Speaking of Moving Models," where I talked about Amelia informing me that she would be moving out of state and how she wanted to try to squeeze in some photos beforehand. Needless to say, I was sad to hear she'd be moving.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. While talking with her on the phone she mentioned to me that she was no longer moving away. I felt bad that her plans didn't work out, but at least that meant I'd be able to find more time to spend with this fun-loving model and friend of mine. We set a date, which was today, and boy did we ever have a blast!

After exchanging a few texts last night, Amelia told me she'd be going to get a pedicure at 11 a.m. when the store opened. After that, she'd be game for whatever I wanted to do. I said that's great and told her that I wanted to do two sets - the themes and locations I'd think about over night.

When I woke up this morning I had two ideas - one we sort of did and the other we did not. I didn't know where we would be shooting though. I felt so unprepared. I shared this with Amelia too. I've been dedicating so many hours to my full time job - both at the store and then outside of it doing advertisements and social media. Add in Soles of Silk's standard update schedule, and now getting back to doing shoots with the warmer weather and I've been even busier. Last and certainly not least, doing the blogs on the Wu's Feet Links Interviews and Columns blogs and yeah, been kind of pooped out!

Anyhow, I suggested to Amelia that after I pick her up we make a stop at a Five and Below store to see if anything sparked a photo set theme. That turned out to be a good call. 

We walked past a bucket of bug catching nets and I thought it would be a cute to have Amelia out in the woods catching bugs. As for the second set, the sort of planned one, that involved her wearing knee high socks. The ones I had were super bright and colorful. When we walked past a bin full of equally colorful playground balls I got the idea to do a dodge ball themed set. We then grabbed her a tie-dyed shirt to just overload the set with color. See, not having an idea isn't always a bad thing. Inspiration is everywhere and it didn't hurt that the props were all super cheap! I love Five and Below for getting props. Not the first time and certainly not the last.

Once Amelia and I left the store it was a short drive to the park I had in mind for the bug catching set. We walked around for about 10 minutes before we found our spot - two spots actually.

Amelia didn't catch any bugs, but she tried so hard!

Amelia's first few poses made use of some fallen trees in what used to be a marshy area. The water has been receding for years now, but the ground is still sandy and very soft. That also meant there was a good amount of bugs flying around. We were doing a bug catching set after all, so I just considered them to be natural props! But yeah, the only one Amelia caught flew in there on it's own. Yes, Amelia, it's true!

We shot a handful of photos on these trees, even getting those flats kicked off - which, of course, I playfully smelled. Amelia swore they stunk, but I didn't think so. She also said they're so old and she's had them since she was about 12. I just laughed and asked how they survived so long. I know girls who kill a pair of flats in a single summer. But it was now time to move along and try some shots at the other location we found just off the path.

This second location was a bunch of benches in what looked like a presentation area. Nature had long overgrown this spot as it looked like it hadn't been used in years. Perfect for us! For the rest of the set Amelia made use of these benches while making me lay out in the tall grass. The life of a foot fetish photographer, I tell ya! Oh well, at least I was getting to watch her cute toe spreads!

With the set done we finished up this location by shooting a video clip with those old smelly (according to her) flats. We then made our way back to the car and drove to a newly built high school. Sadly, when we arrived, the parking lot was full of cars and the courts were used by some younger kids. Not one to shoot around kids, we decided to head back toward home - making stops at some other schools on the way until we found some empty courts.

Yet again, luck would be on our side today as we found a school with no one on the property at all. The court even had a concrete wall that was painted white. Why was that important? Well, with all the color between Amelia's shirt, socks, and playground balls, it would help her stand out even more. I also decided it would be neat if Amelia also wore two different color socks in the set to add even more color.

This colorful set came together on the fly while we went shopping before the shoot.

The set began with Amelia wearing a pair of Vans and her socks. I shot a bunch of poses which had her work to pulling off her shoes. Once that had happened, those multi-colored feet were front and center.

Eventually the set would progress to the point where Amelia was barefoot, but the color was still everywhere. She used her socks as props and rolled the balls around under her little feet. Needless to say, ball jokes ran rampant as did a few other bits of adult humor. It really was a fun set to shoot!

Like we did before, we ended the set with a short video clip and then packed up our stuff. We made our way back to my car where I treated Amelia's feet to, "a long overdue" (her words) foot massage. Those words I totally agree with, Amelia. It was an awesome day with some awesome results. I'm glad we met up today to shoot and can't wait to do it again. However, there is no need to have "long overdue" foot rubs. Nope. I'd much rather you say, "It feels like only yesterday you rubbed my feet." To which I can reply, "That's because it was yesterday." Ha! Yeah, I'm a goof, but you knew that already!

I hope everyone enjoys these new photos of Amelia. She's looking forward to posing again and I'm looking just as forward to shooting even more great sets with her. We'd love to hear what you think or any shoot ideas for the future.

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