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Retro Column - Different Tastes

Watching Abby squish her toes in cheesecake all those years ago was so fun!

The following blog entry is a repost of an old column I wrote back in May 2001 for my old site, The 10 Little Piggies. This is the first of a handful of old columns that will be added to the Soles of Silk Blog over time. This is the first time they've been available in over 10 years and with this repost, I have added some photos from the sets that are mentioned.

Since I began photographing female feet on a hobby and art basis, I have always been reluctant to ask any model to step in some kind of food. I thought that the models would see that idea as being too funky or even having sexual connotations.

Lately it seems that every model I photograph wants to step in something. Whether it is food, paint, mud, or something else, I cannot believe this little trend. I am not upset by this movement, but just surprised.

I can honestly say that I think it is cute to see a female squashing something messy under her feet and feeling it ooze in her toes. Photos of that nature show you that the female is comfortable with her feet and your liking for them. Some people are really turned on by the food crushing idea and photos, but I am not one of those people. Again, I think it is really cute to see and photograph, but other than that, it doesn't do much for me. There are times though when I am able to snack afterwards and that is always good.

I figured this all out when I came up with the interview idea months ago. Several models wrote that they wanted to do photos where their feet got messy by stepping in something. Not having direct access to those documents at this time, I recall that Andrea, Laura, and Tracy mentioned that they'd be up for doing poses of this kind.

As those of you know who have gone into the Models Section, Abby has returned with several new photo shoots. She used to be the only one I would ask to step in something like food because she is a former girlfriend of mine. She understood my fetish and always was creative about things concerning her feet.

Since Abby's return, I have done a shoot where she squashed a strawberry cheesecake under her feet. That same day, after Abby and I ate some of the cheesecake, I had her stick her feet into chocolate pudding. You have to see both photo sets. They turned out wonderful and were really fun to do. And just to add, Abby ate the cheesecake and pudding with utensils. Not me!

After this column was written back in 2001, Krystie posed for the caramel shoot.

One of my newest friends, and someone I find to be one of the cutest and most charming females to spend time with, Krystie, has also expressed an interest in doing some food shots for me. It was her idea to have warm caramel poured on her feet and between her toes for some photos. I bought a jar of caramel and am awaiting the chance to photograph her.

Krystie has continually teased me about being a regular food kind of guy. She constantly gets on me, telling me I might like this restaurant she goes to because they serve cheeseburgers there. Oh well, she's adorable and I put up with her poo. But the other night in an email, I told her that I should get her to step on a cheeseburger being she likes to bring them up all the time. She agreed to it. I love this gal!

Andrea said the bananas felt "gooey" and "slimy."

Above I mentioned that Andrea wrote she wanted to do more shots with food in them. I have previously gotten Andrea to put some Starburst candies between her toes as well as squashing a banana between them. She said the banana was so gooey and slimy and that wants to do it again. No complaints from me!

The only other females who I have gotten to put food on their feet are, Lisa, with whipped cream, and Chrissy, with a lollipop. Neither had been planned, but things kind of just happened and were going well, so I threw it out. They both went for it.

I am not sure if this trend is just some of the girls being cute towards me with my fetish, or if they saw one of the other models do it in some shots and wanted to as well. Perhaps it is just something fun. I don't know. No matter what it is, I think it is cute and I appreciate all of the models who ask me to do those kinds of shots, or agree to them.

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