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Fantasy Shoots - Wrestling, Part 2: Current WWE Divas

Here we are with the second part of the Fantasy Shoots - Wrestling blog entry. If you didn't check out the first part on the NXT Women, be sure to do so for a little more information on how this particular entry into the Fantasy Shoots blog series came to be.

Now, onto the Top 5 Current WWE Divas portion of my fantasy shoot series on wrestling:

5 - Alicia Fox

One thing I wish I had a lot more of on Soles of Silk is sexy Ebony models - and they don't come much hotter than Alicia Fox. This leggy WWE Diva would be damn sweet to have in front of my camera. And by the looks of it, those long legs end with a pair of big feet too! Even better!

4 - Lana

Most people will spend time admiring Lana's amazing ass. Well, if you take to Google and do image searches for Lana's pre-WWE days, you'll see some photos of just that. What you'll also see are some great barefoot shots of her as well! And man, what a set of arches! I know Adam over at Feet Fair would be shoving me out of the way to take her photos if he caught a glimpse of those curvy feet. I'm sure based off that alone he'd probably rank her as his number 1 if he did this list.

3 - AJ Lee

AJ Lee is the crowd favorite, without a doubt. Just having her pose her sweaty little feet fresh from a pair of her Chuck Taylor's would be heaven. Not sure how many photos I'd take though as I'd probably be trying to steal sniffs from those worn shoes. Sets wearing Converse would be a must! No socks, obviously...

2 - Paige

I said in Part 1 of this blog entry that I'm looking for more models with the alternative look. Well, Paige has that in spades. Add in my weakness for dark haired women and yeah, Paige could rip her stockings off in my photo shoots any time! And that British accent of hers... I love it!

1 - Emma

If there is one thing that is sexier than a British accent, it's an Australian one. Enter Emma, the WWE Diva I've had a crush on since the moment I saw her in NXT. Hell, a few of my friends (including Abby and Olivia) and myself were caught on camera during Monday Night Raw in 2014 holding up a 10 foot long #Emmalution > Evolution banner I made. We were caught during a segment with HHH, Randy Orton, and Batista and those guys were just looking at us shaking their heads. It was great! 

After the show Emma saw the photo I posted to the Soles of Silk's Twitter account (@SolesofSilk) and she retweeted and favorited my post and thanked us for showing her support. I was like the school nerd being asked to prom by the hottest cheerleader that night! Olivia said I was glowing.

But yeah, I could shoot hours of clips and countless photos of Emma displaying those Aussie soles while blowing her signature bubbles. And if she talked during the clips... oh man! Your winner by submission, Emma.

Honorable Mentions - Naomi, Stephanie McMahon, Layla, and Renee Young.

In Part 3 of this Fantasy Shoots - Wrestling entry I will take a look at the WWE Divas from the past.

* The above photos are not from Soles of Silk and are used only to showcase the particular talent mentioned. No ownership of said photography/images is being claimed in this blog.

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