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Soles of Silk 10 Year Anniversary - 2008

Cierra found herself posing quite a bit in 2008, even munching on Kimmie's toes.

2008: Quick Glance

Debuting Models: (6) Barbie, Dani Dare, Jessie, Keira, Lady Steph, and Nessa

Wu's Feet Links Feature Gallery: Madison - Piggy Bank & Piggies

Madison's 2008 feature was just one of many sets for Madison in 2008.

2008: The Year in Review

Saying that 2008 was the year of Madison wouldn't be going out on a limb. While she had plenty of photo sets in the years prior, 2006 saw her add six more to the tally - including her Wu's Feet Links feature set. She also became the site's first model to go over the 1,000 photo mark, doing so in January. She really was the site's MVP for a good portion of its beginning.

Other models who found themselves as regular updates during the 2008 calendar year were: Cierra (5 sets), Wendy (5 sets), Layla (4 sets), Mindee (3 sets), Abby (3 sets), Kellie, (3 sets), Kimmie (3 sets), and Carmen (3 sets).

As you can see, Cierra was slowly making her mark before eventually overtaking Madison as the site's most shot model - but that didn't happen for a few more years. And even though she had five sets published, she had posed for even more.

When it came to new models on Soles of Silk, there were only the six mentioned above. There have been more in the previous years, but the worst part of 2008 is that most of these girls only posed the one time.

I met Barbie through Danielle as both were in Maryland doing a shoot for another photographer. Barbie was a sweetheart and I wish I had been able to do a lot more sets with her. The three she appeared in were all hits.

I was put into contact with Dani Dare through Bondo of Pose Your Toes. He had worked with her months prior and had nothing but great things to say about her. She was indeed, amazing, but like Barbie, she was someone I only got to shoot with the one time.

Jessie also looked like a one and done. She was Cierra's roommate back in 2008 and I was able to get her in a solo set as well as one smashing some donuts with Cierra. It took her several years, but I was finally able to get her to make a return.

Keira was a friend of the twins, Kellie and Kimmie. They told her about the site and she agreed to pose. I shot her for the site's New Year's set that was published on the last day of 2008. The only other set I got with her was one with both the twins.

Lady Steph posed for me toward the end of the year and has done more photos than any of the other girls who debuted in 2008. Many of you know her from some of her Wu's Feet Links appearances or her own clips store. She really is a ball of energy and someone I really have to find more time to shoot.

The last of the new models was Nessa. Nessa did a set with Wendy, who introduced us, but never posed again.

One model who only had one update in 2008, but shot a lot more was Jordana. I booked a fantasy suite with a pirate theme and we did four sets in some of the most unique indoor space I've used on the site.

When it came to the odds and ends of Soles of Silk one of the major changes came to the clips section. I remastered all the clips into their native format and gave them better introductions. I was very new to video editing and after seeking some advice from around the web, I decided to make the changes.

Later in the year I also did one of the numerous increases in file size to the images in the photo galleries. Hi speed Internet just kept evolving and the need to change came with the times.

In 2008 I ran the second ever, Wallpaper Design Contest and only saw nine total entries. It was by far, the worst turn out of the four I've done. The nine entries were submitted by four different artists. I awarded each one with the three month membership prize for their efforts.

One of the last additions to the site came to the downloads area. The Foot Toons section was added and has numerous updates since. I've always admired his artwork and was glad to have him drawing some of the models in his limited spare time.

Looking back on the year, it didn't seem like much happened. I think this year, however, was instrumental for a few models who really began to see their photo count rise - especially Cierra, Layla, and Wendy. A few changes to the site here and there also helped set the groundwork for a better all around Soles of Silk.

Be sure to check back next time for a look at the happenings of 2009...

Layla was on of the most regularly featured models in 2008.

2008: Tidbits & Facts

- Autumn's mashed potatoes and stuffing set was the only set I've done on the site to celebrate Thanksgiving.

- Chloe's last set on the site was published on July 16, 2008. I tried for some time to get her to pose again, but she slowly became distant.

- Mindee's and Cierra's tennis shoes and socks set was the first time either had posed with another model on the site.

- Cierra's feet were so damp from her Ugg boots set that you can actually see a little puddle of sweat between her toes in a few pictures.

- Jordana was the one who told me about the fantasy suites we ended up using in her four pirate themed sets on the site.

- In 2008 Wendy had two different sets posted with another model. The first was with Ann and the second, Nessa.

Lady Steph debuted late in 2008.

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