Sunday's Shoot - Olivia

Earlier this year I did an email exchange with Wu of Wu's Feetlinks. Over the years he asked me to do feature sets for his Feature Model section on almost an annual basis. This year's model was scheduled to be Olivia and she was so happy to be representing Soles of Silk this time around. And then the updates stopped at Wu's Feetlinks.

At first, no one knew why. Did Wu retire? Did he lose his passion? Was he sick? Well, it took months, but we finally found out that Wu had passed away. The entire community was saddened and we wondered what would become of Wu's Feetlinks without the main man in charge.

Thankfully BHE is tending to the site with the assistance of community members. I've been republishing the old interviews on the new Wu's Feetlinks Interviews Blog before I begin conducting new ones. Mommie Dearest is set to reprise her columns section, but one of my favorite sections sits in limbo - the Feature Model section.

During the time prior to learning of Wu's passing I told Olivia I wasn't sure what was going on and if Wu was still going to have her set published in June. As more time passed, we put her set on hold. Once the news broke about Wu's passing, however, I've been wanting to shoot her set more than ever. I've contacted BHE about having her set mark the return of the section once they get it going. I honestly haven't heard much other than they're working on streamlining some things, but I can say as of today, the set is shot and I'm just waiting to hear from them. And in the case that BHE isn't going to reprise the section, I'll post it on Soles of Silk for free as a dedication to Wu. He did so much for Soles of Silk and all countless other sites out there. I'd like to try and help things carry on.

The Feature Set

Over the years I've always tried to make my Wu's Feetlinks feature sets some of the best work I do. I wanted Olivia's to be no different. But what could we do in the set? Well, how about Cuban heel stockings? I've never shot a model wearing Cubans and I've had countless requests for them over the years. But where would I shoot them?

In recent weeks I really began looking around for a spot to shoot. During my search I came up with the idea to shoot something in the Washington, D.C. Metro area since that's where Wu called home. Call it one of my small touches and an ode to a friend.

We arrived at an area called National Harbor around 8 a.m. Olivia slipped on her dress in the parking garage. She left the thigh highs and heels off for the time being since we had a little bit of a walk ahead of us.

When we got down to our location, a water fountain in front of a hotel, we found it was not turned on. I'm honestly glad, however. We changed our plans and shot at the small pond and waterfall just up the hill from the fountain. 

The area was gorgeous and because we left so early in the morning, there was hardly anyone out and about - which was our plan all along. I didn't want Olivia feeling like the center of attention with thigh high stockings, a skirt, and heels in such a public place.

We began the set next to a small bridge at the bottom of the pond. After a few standing shots, however, I had Olivia move to a wall next to the waterfall (see photo above). It gave me some great angles for dangling shots before she ultimately pulled off her heels.

With her heels off I focused in on those Cuban stocking clad feet. Like I said above, I have never shot this style of stocking until now. I have to say, I don't know why I waited so long. Olivia looked great! But I'm glad I got to have her do it first. She pulled it off nicely.

After posing for some shots while in the stockings, it was time for them to come off. I photographed Olivia pulling them down her legs and feet until were totally bare. For the remained of the 100 photo set, she posed those heavenly size 7.5s barefoot.

I can't wait to post this entire set, whether it's on Wu's Feetlinks or on Soles of Silk. I will keep you all posted once I know more information. Until then, I hope the teaser image whets your appetite.

Delmarva Mural Set

After returning to my car for an outfit change we went out to shoot our second set. Sadly, the location we had picked wasn't going to work out. The metal surface was scolding hot, so we're going to try again later in the year. Once the temperature cools down, it'll make posing there much. I don't want to spoil the spot, but it's going to be quite unique.

The location we used instead was a mural painted on the ground in the middle of the area's main shopping district. The mural depicted the Delmarva region, which for those who don't know, is short for Delaware/Maryland/Virginia. 

Since it was still early, the stores and restaurants were still closed. We had about an hour before they'd open, so we decided to go ahead and begin. We moved all over the mural and the surrounding benches for this one. The set itself is more on the casual side, but with the girl next door appeal of Soles of Silk, often times, these are the sets that many of you love the most. 

After the Shoots

Olivia and I were originally planning on shooting three sets on the day, but during a lunch break we decided that we'd save it for our return trip a few months from now. We're already going to go back down to shoot the one location we missed out on, so why not have another set to do that day as well?

I'm glad I finally got Olivia in front of the camera to shoot these sets. I can't wait to shoot her again. She's a great friend and I can't think of a better person to represent the site in a feature set in 2014.