Soles of Silk's News & Notes - June 2014

Hey everyone. It's been a little longer than usual since I last posted a blog. I want to let everyone know that all is well and I wanted bring you up to speed on what has been going on lately. All of the Soles of Silk updates have been right on time, it's just this blog that has been a little slow going during the last couple of weeks.

Abby's Interview from 2006 has been added.

What I've Been Busy Doing

One of the biggest reasons you haven't seen me on here blogging as much is that I've been busy trying to establish the all new Wu's Feetlinks Interviews Blog. Years ago I was tasked by Wu, of Wu's Feetlinks, to take over doing his interviews. The plan was to do it with models, photographers and foot fetish personalities from around the web. Things never really got started, but with his untimely death, it is really something I want to make sure happens.

At this time, I've gotten 20 of the 25 existing interviews slightly edited and republished to the new blog. These interviews were conducted from 2001-07. I wanted them to be a part of the new Interviews Blog so they'd be preserved. I hope to get the final few interviews posted in the next few days.

In addition to taking over the interviews on Wu's Feetlinks, I am also laying out and creating the template to be used for the former columns section of the site. It will also be done in a blog style site format. Mommie Dearest will be reprising her role as the columnist as well. More on that in the near future!

During the last few weeks I've also been taking on some paid freelance graphic design work. The extra money is going to come in handy as I just booked a small little multi-day vacation with Jamie for next month. We're going to try and do 8-10 shoots while we're out enjoying ourselves. Even though I already have five sets of her and those adorable feet, I sure won't mind adding another 8-10. Sure you won't mind seeing what we come up with either.

What I Haven't Been Busy Doing

Some of you may have noticed a lack of new photo shoot blogs lately as well. Well, it's not because I haven't tried. This year has been full of cancelled shoots, postponed shoots, bad weather, and new models who backed out at the last minute. 

All that being said, I have two shoots planned for this weekend. The first one is slated to be with Ashlyn and the second, an all new model who has been a friend of mine for several years. I've also talked to a number of existing models such as Kayleigh, Olivia, Mindee, and Ryan about shooting again soon. Another newbie or two might also be a possibility, but my luck with that this year has been less than stellar, as I already mentioned.

Getting Back on Track... Soon

In the next few days you should see this blog updated regularly once again. I hope you all enjoy the new Wu's Feetlinks Interviews Blog and let me know what you think of the upcoming shoots you'll see blogged about here soon.