Thursday, May 29, 2014

Wednesday's Shoot - Jamie

Yesterday I had a few hours open before I had to be at work. Jamie and I decided to do a quick shoot, but we had to make a quick stop to get her toes painted first. By chance, I picked this amazing shade of teal that matched a top and a pair of flip flops she brought with her. Our original idea was to do a set with some flats, but with all the teal going on, I changed plans.

A few days ago I looked at some parks I had never used for shoots before. Abby shot at one (see blog: "Today's Shoot - Abby) and the following day, Kayleigh shot at two others (see blog: Yesterday's Shoot - Kayleigh"). Since we only had a few hours before I had to be at work, I decided to try one of the others since it was nearby.

We made our way through the large park and at the very end we found an area with two piers. One was quite weathered, but the other was in much better condition. As much as I liked the weather look, the pier itself was kind of small, so we went for the other.

Jamie sat down and rubbed some lotion onto her legs and feet. I told her I was a little jealous since I wasn't the one doing it. Of course I also had to sit through her pedicure earlier where someone else got to massage those feet. They wouldn't escape my grasp for long, however, and I'm sure she knew that too.

The set started with Jamie posing her little feet in numerous ways while keeping her flip flops on. I loved some of the teasing poses where you can see an arch here, her toes popping up there, and so on, all while the flip flops are still on her feet. As a matter of fact, I shot a good deal of photos with her with the flip flops on, or barely coming off before she removed them entirely.

Once Jamie's feet were bare, I made sure those flip flops stayed in frame as much as possible. I had her pose her feet right on top of them for some (like the teaser above) and even had her smelling them, and holding onto them in some "pose" style shots.

While I was shooting her "pose" shots I moved around to shoot her from behind for a handful of shots. That's when I had to put the camera down. I reached out and began rubbing her feet right along her arches. I could see her eyes shut as she just relaxed out on the pier while I pampered her adorable, soft soles.

"Hey, no sleeping!" I playfully said as I kept on rubbing.

"I'm sleepy," she replied.

I teased her for a few minutes about the fact that my foot rubs have always put her to sleep in past. I rubbed them for a while longer and then picked up the camera to take the last few photos. With those done we did a video clip and called it a day.

I would have loved to have just sat out there and pampered Jamie's feet all afternoon, but sadly I had to be at work by 5:00 p.m. Luckily, however, we're squeezing in two more sets tomorrow before I go in to work - as long as the weather permits us to do so. We're going to use those flats and maybe some socks - not really sure about that second set yet. But I do know one other thing, those feet are going to be back in my hands again in a few hours! I can't wait!

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