Friday, May 30, 2014

Thursday's Shoot - Jamie

On Wednesday I was lucky enough to be able to meet up with Jamie and do her first new shoots of 2014. Since I only had a few hours open that day before I had to be in for work, we decided to on shoot back-to-back days. I wanted to try to get in three new sets and there wasn't enough time to do that on Wednesday - especially since we did a pedicure stop first. If you haven't read the blog, "Wednesday's Shoot - Jamie," check that one out first as this is kind of a continuation from the day before. It might even be the first time in 10 years that I shot the same model on back-to-back days. Maybe not, but I can't recall ever doing it off the top of my head.

On both Wednesday and Thursday I was worried about the rain. The forecast call for rain both dates, but we lucked out on Wednesday.When I woke up on Thursday, however, there was a steady drizzle. Jamie texted me to ask me the plan.

"We're going to the store to buy some rubber rain boots," I replied.

I've always wanted to shoot a set with those, but predicting the rain, or scheduling a shoot on a day it does rain doesn't always work out. It did on Thursday, though. So after I picked up Jamie at her house, we made our way to the store and bought a bright yellow pair along with a black umbrella.

When we arrived at our first shoot location the rain was still coming down, but it was letting up slightly. I felt comfortable enough to take my camera out in the rain, especially since the main location I was wanting to use was located under a large tree. The tree would help keep some of the rain off of me at least.

Jamie began the set kicking some water in a few of the puddles on the path around the pond. This is when something odd happened. A work truck pulled up with some landscapers inside. They came out with hedge trimmers and walked down to where I was wanting to shoot. They began trimming the hedges in the rain. I looked at Jamie dumbfounded, but then again, I'm outside taking pictures in the rain, so yeah...

We lucked out as the landscapers didn't take long at all. They hit a few of the hedges, pulled away the debris, and were on their way. Jamie and I walked over to the bench under the tree and began shooting.

Jamie posed in her boots for quite a few shots before slowly tugging them off her bare feet. No, she wasn't wearing any socks in those rubber boots! I thought many of you would like that, so I told her, "no socks."

Once Jamie's feet were bare I had her pose them all over her boots and of course, out in front for some awesome sole shots. Eventually, however, the dirt path down below was calling her name.

Jamie stepped down into the dirt and those soft, wet soles became dirty with ease. I had her kneel on the bench and show off those dirty foot bottoms and they looked too cute. When I expressed that to Jamie, she just laughed. Yeah, she knows I'm a goof.

Before we wrapped up this set, Jamie stuck her soles back out to show them in all their filthy glory. She's had her feet get a little dirty before from being outside in her sets, but not like this (see teaser image above). I wanted to be sure to capture that to finish up the set.

We made our way back to my car after we finished the set so Jamie could clean her feet. It didn't take much since they were a little wet. The towel, however, didn't fair too well.

As Jamie was busy cleaning herself up she asked if we could still do our second set. We didn't have a ton of time, but as long as we shot nearby, we'd be fine. I began driving to an area back where we needed to go, but I remembered another location close to where we were. After a quick U-turn, we found our way to the second spot.

Jamie did a quick change of clothes in the car and I told her this shoot was just going to be rapid fire shots with no real theme. No shoes or footwear - just her bare feet sticking out at the camera. She was fine with that, especially since she realized this spot was just a tad bit colder since it was on the water.

Jamie put those adorable feet out and I just told her to move them all over the place. I took photo after photo and we finished the set off in no time. Funny thing is, I got some amazing sole shots out of it. I really liked how the set came out. Maybe I should just do the quick/fast approach more often?

When I told Jamie we were finished she couldn't have been happier. I could tell she was cold, so back to my car we went. I handed my camera to her so she could look at the pictures we took. I killed the air conditioning and put on the heat, but told her I was taking care of warming up her feet. She spun around and placed her soft, clammy soles into my hands. I gave her a foot massage for the last 45 minutes to an hour I had before I had to be making my way to work. I told you I'd get those feet back in my hands again in the last blog, didn't I?

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