Soles of Silk F.A.Q. - Shoot Themes

When I first began to explore my fetish years ago I quickly realized that there are countless sub-genres to this little fetish of ours. While I don't exactly enjoy all of them, I try to include some variation on the site when it comes to the sets I post. In this entry to the Soles of Silk F.A.Q. blog series I am going to take a look at some of the sub-genres you will find on the site and how I determine which ones I shoot.

Frequently Asked Question: What foot fetish themes will I find on Soles of Silk?

Over the years I've kind of found a grove of shoot themes that my members seem to enjoy. I also enjoy many of these to various degrees, but here is what you will find looking through the page of Soles of Silk with some samples for each:

Frequently Asked Question: How do you determine which themes you shoot for the site?

In all honesty, first and foremost, I shoot what I like. I have no qualms about that being true. This site has been my baby for years and I've enjoyed every minute of doing it. If I began shooting content that didn't appeal to me, this would cease to be fun.

All that being said, I do understand the need to appeal to member requests. Most of the time requests come in for themes I already do, but include something particular. For example, I try to get in sets with the girls in stockings here and there. I've had girls wearing various colors and styles, but a member once emailed a request to see Mindee wearing nude pantyhose. Since I already include stockings as a theme, I mentioned it to Mindee and needless to say, that was one hot set (Sample 01 / Sample 02).

With all the great requests come the bad ones, however. Although I state on the site countless times that there is no nudity or adult content on the site, I still periodically get asked, "When is (insert model's name) doing a footjob?" or something similar. Most the time I just ignore it, but I've also been known to ask the person if they bothered to read the site, or what based on what they saw, led them to believe any of the models do them? Some people...

In addition to the adult content, there are a handful of other themes and/or sub-genres that Soles of Silk does not contain. One of the big ones is the occasional request for a model to crush insects or living things. I've been lucky that I only get that once in a blue moon.