Missing Mindee? Thankfully Not!

Life. It's not always fair. Over the years two girls who I once considered among my best friends, and who also modeled for this site, moved away. Those two girls were Carmen and Madison. Those two were also two of the most popular models during the site's early years and then they were gone. Just like that. Gone! Moved away with little to no contact since. I guess they just needed or wanted change in their lives.

Two weeks ago yet another one of the models mentioned she might be moving and my stomach sank. Just like it was with Carmen and Madison, I consider this girl to be a close friend. She's probably the best female friend I've ever had. This model... This friend is Mindee.

I am not going to get into Mindee's business in this blog - a friend wouldn't do that. I'll just say the prospect of moving wasn't something she wanted and was trying to avoid. I'm glad she trusted me enough to tell me - something that didn't happen with either Carmen or Madison. Both of them up and moved, forgetting about me and all their friends here.  

As of yesterday, however, the sinking feeling in my stomach is now gone. Mindee sent me a text to tell me it's photography weather and that she won't be moving after all. She even found a new job. I'm so happy for her! Of course we then began throwing around dates to shoot - something we were planning on doing even if she had moved. I wasn't going to let her get away without posing. As a matter of fact, I was going to try to shoot countless set of her to publish over the long haul. Although I would have loved to do all those sets, I'm glad the reason for having to do them is no longer a concern.

So why am I sharing all this? Well, because Mindee means a lot to me and she is one of the biggest contributors to Soles of Silk's success. Countless pictures, videos, and interviews have come from her time and effort. She's also recruited her cousins Mariah and Marcy, as well as her good friend, Emerald to pose for all of you. So yeah, I owe this girl a lot and I wanted to say so publicly. 

So here it is:

Mindee, you've been nothing but kind to me since we first met. Even when I first asked, and then pleaded with you to pose for Soles of Silk, you did so against you initial desire not to. Luckily for me, you enjoyed it ever since. In you I have a model who has now posed for 2,215 photos with a few hundred unpublished ones on the way. But you potentially moving away didn't just sadden me because you'd be out of reach for photo shoots. No. I didn't want to go through losing one of my best friends yet again. You're someone I've always trusted. You get my goofiness and I always have an amazing time being around you. I just want you to know that as no matter how down things may seem in life, you've brightened at least one person's many times over! Glad you're sticking around, dear!