Sunday, March 23, 2014

Soles of Silk - 10 Fun Facts

It's time to run off some fun facts about Soles of Silk once again. By reading these you will obviously become smarter, get better grades in college, and probably receive a raise at work. These facts are essential to moving forward in life, so be sure to read them a few times and remember each in detail. 

Fact #1: The current trio of Marcy, Mariah, and Mindee are not the only cousins on Soles of Silk. Bethany and Natalie are also cousins as are Olivia and Taylor.

Fact #2: Soles of Silk has featured 80 different models, although only 79 are published. Shae, a Korean model with size 10 feet was removed a few months after her debut in 2010 for personal reasons.

Rachel DD and Lela Beryl were featured in the Would Love to Shoot Blog Series.

Fact #3: So far Soles of Silk has had two models pose who were featured in the "Would Love to Shoot" blog series. The first model to pose was Rachel DD (@ModelRachelDD), who was featured in Part 5. The second is Rachel's friend, Lela Beryl (@LelaBeryl), who was mentioned in Part 9.

Ryan loves roller coasters.

Fact #4: Ryan, finally posed for a roller coaster set in 2013. This year she and I are planning a road trip where we're planning on taking a few more photos of her feet in front of other coasters. More details to come! I sure can't wait.

Ashlyn's famous "Fritos" boots.

Fact #5: Yes, Ashlyn's boots really smell like Fritos.

Fact #6: Amelia recently put me in touch with a friend of hers who is interested in posing for Soles of Silk. Late last year Ryan also put me in touch with two girls she knows who are interested. Word of mouth is a great thing!

Jamie's feet were very soft after this shoot!

Fact #7: I have thanked Jamie countless times for allowing me to rub her little feet. She says she doesn't deserve as much pampering as I like to give them, but I totally disagree!

Fact #8: Although the last time I posted a set of Madison was in 2010, she still ranks third highest in photo count on the site. Yeah, we used to shoot a lot! And yes, I miss taking photos of her long, narrow soles.

Mandy's long toes & slender soles.

Fact #9: Mandy's feet are currently plastered on my iPad screen as wallpaper.

Fact #10: The longest road trip I've done with a model for a specific shoot location was with Mileena. We drove about 4.5 hours to Blackwater Falls in West Virginia. Luckily I also found other locations during the way to stop and shoot. It helped break up the long drive, although Mileena also used a nap to do so.

See, I told you that you'd become smarter by reading these facts. Can't you feel it? All kidding aside, thank you for reading this new, totally spontaneous blog series installment. Be sure to check back again for some more of these fun facts!

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