Soles of Silk 10 Year Anniversary - 2004

It was ALWAYS fun times shooting Madison & Lauryn together.

2004: Quick Glance

Debuting Models: (8) Amber, Cierra, Lauryn, Lisa Tyler, Madison, Maria, Mindee, and Sue Lovely

Wu's Feetlinks Feature Gallery: none

Mindee's very first time posing.

2004: The Year in Review

To look at back at 2004 you have to go back to the spring. There was no Soles of Silk at the time - just a concept and a photographer eager to take pictures of barefoot girls once more. For those who don't know, I used to run a few free sites in my college years. I started out showing off my artistic photography revolving around the female foot, but as time progressed and I began learning more about web design, I started to add pages for each of the girls who I shot to the site. My small site kept growing and growing until I launched my first "real" site - The 10 Little Piggies.

The 10 Little Piggies ended up a short-lived project. I paid out of pocket to host the site, moving it off the free Yahoo! servers I once used. This was still a free site, however, so it didn't take long for me to realize that the more popular I became, the more bandwidth I'd need. A few months into The 10 Little Piggies I closed it down.

During this time I began dating a girl who I would go onto spend three years with. Initially she posed for me and was featured on The 10 Little Piggies. Her overbearing mother found out and raised hell about it (like she did with everything in life), so I removed her. Not being able to shoot my own girlfriend and the rising costs of hosting the site I decided to just shut it down.

Eventually this girlfriend and I were no more and I slowly began feeling the itch to do my photography again. Learning from my past mistakes I looked into making this site membership based. As much as I would like to share my photography for free, there is no way I could support it without some kind of return. I began checking out hosts and saw BHE was home to many foot fetish sites I followed. Wanting to keep things simple I contacted them and have been there ever since. With my host found I began to plan out the site.

My initial plans were to come back with the same site name as before. Since some time had passed I learned that an adult video company had used a similar name for one of their foot fetish porn titles, so a new name was in order. It took me a little time, but since I knew I wanted a focus on soles with the site, I wanted to have the word "soles" in its name and URL. Eventually, Soles of Silk was born. I registered the name and got down to figuring out who was going to pose.

Having shot a few dozen girls on my old sites I started talking with some of them about shooting for this one. Amber and Madison were up for a return and Madison was able to secure Lauryn, a former coworker of mine that I hadn't seen in some time. And speaking of work, Cierra and Mindee were both working with me, so that's how I landed them. Mindee did, however, take a bit of convincing.

When it came to finding others I took to One Model Place. I set up a portfolio and found both Maria and Sue Lovely. Each had some prior foot fetish modeling experience too, so that was a plus. And then came Lisa Tyler. Lisa was a well established model who ran her own site, Forever Feet, and had recently appeared in a Wu's Feetlinks Feature Gallery. She had quite a fan base and I was so happy that she agreed to model for me without me having a site to show at the time.

In the months to come I would meet with each one of the models above and shoot their first sets for the site. All eight models would be featured on the site when I launched. One solo set each, with one additional set featuring both Madison and Lauryn.

With a handful of sets in the books I focused on designing and building the site. Many of the sites on BHE use their template, but I wanted mine to be unique. Being a graphic designer and artist myself, I wanted everything on the site to be mine - the photography, the design, the writing on the site... all of it. It was a long process, but totally worth it.

The site's launch didn't come until the very end of 2004 - the last week, to be exact. Right away people began writing e-mails and commenting on posts on the Wu's Feetlinks Forum. They were glad to see me back. Many were happy see some returning models, plus all the ones I had shot for the first time. A few members signed up right away and a few days later it was onto 2005.

Cierra's first ever shoot.

2004: Tidbits & Facts

- Mindee and Cierra are the only two original models left who still pose for the site today, 10 years later.

- Seven total models who posed for The 10 Little Piggies have come back to pose for Soles of Silk since 2004.

- Sue Lovely was the first Asian girl to appear on the site.

- Amber's debut set location would be used once again, seven years later for one of Ryan's sets. Did any of you notice?

- The site's first multi-model sets featured two models with the same exact shoe size - 8.5 (Madison & Lauryn).

- Lisa Tyler's debut set featured her wearing toe socks and is still, to this day, the only set on the site you'll find toe socks.

Shooting Lisa Tyler was such an exciting experience.