Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday's Shoot - Colleen

For those of you who follow Soles of Silk on Instagram (@SolesofSilk) and Twitter (@SolesofSilk), you're already aware of the awesome sight that was in front of my camera today. For the first time in 2013 I was able to schedule Colleen to bare those size 8s for me. And by all of your posts, likes, favorites, retweets, and any other social media means available, you sure did love seeing her return! That feeling is mutual. I missed her too.

In the days leading up to our shoot Colleen and I exchanged texts about possible shoot ideas and locations. At first I wanted to do a set with tennis shoes with a work out theme. Colleen then mentioned a pair of black Converse shoes and I decided to scrap the work out idea. I've shot a few of those lately, so I'd let her smelly feet and shoes stand on their own. And boy, did they!

After arriving Colleen and I walked for a bit along the riverfront to determine where to shoot. We liked a few spots, but decided on one of the ones we saw earlier. When I suggested we turn back and use it, she claimed, "You're just having me walk around so my feet get even sweatier."

Was I that obvious?

Anyhow, we walked back to the location we decided on, which was under an old crane. These cranes were left along the walkway to showcase the area's former history. For us, however, it gave another place for Colleen to pose.

Within minutes we were underway. Colleen had pulled off her top to show off her white sports bra that read, "Whatever," across her breasts. She had told me about the top days ago and even sent me a photo of her wearing it earlier that morning. It really made for a sweet black and white scheme when added to her Chuck Taylor's.

Colleen's sweaty soles finally made bare.

Colleen started the set on some benches a little further back from the crane. I wanted to be sure to showcase just what Colleen would be posing under later in the set. I'm just anal about certain things like that. I'm sure someone out there would ask me. It also made for her wearing her Converse for a bit longer - which is of course, was a good thing on a 90-plus degree day.

This set really began to roll once Colleen sat up on the steel beams of the crane's footing. It allowed me to get right there next to her feet. When she began to pull those shoes from her moist feet (a process I made sure she did ever so slowly), I was in awe.

For fans of shoe dangling, Colleen was all about it pushing those sweaty shoes off. At one point her shoe fell to the ground and bounced off to the side. I bent down to grab it and somehow, I don't know how, my nose pressed right into her toes as I grabbed the shoe. Talk about a coincidence. I couldn't believe my nose was at that perfect angle. Okay... Colleen didn't buy that either. She saw through my cheap trick... again! I really do need some new ones.

With her shoe returned, Colleen began to push off the second one. This whole process was also featured in three photos I posted to Instagram. It was funny watching how many more people were liking the shots of her with shoes coming off and entirely off as opposed to the one with her shoes still on. 

The fun moments from this set seemed to be never ending. Colleen smelled her shoes a few times and even gave her toe a playful lick. Who knows if anyone was around and saw that. Hell, we had a water taxi guy blasting his siren at us during the shoot. We wondered if he might have had a foot fetish. Or maybe he was telling us to get off the crane. Either way, we just kept on shooting.

By the end of the set sweat was pouring down the both of us. We walked back toward the car, but stopped at an ice cream shop to grab drinks and of course, some ice cream. Talk about the perfect kind of store to find on a day like this. We cooled off for a bit and then made our way back to my car.

During our brief car ride to the next location I had to contend with Colleen changing right beside me. I really need one of those cameras inside the car for times like these. I will say she was a pro, however, as she was changed quicker than I did earlier that morning. In all fairness, I was sleepy.

Our second location was one nearby one I used with Charlee several weeks back (see blog: "Today's Shoot - Charlee"). It's a beautiful area with a lot of plants, rocks, and even a small waterfall. I really wanted to use that waterfall, but luck just wasn't on our side.

Colleen's slender soles & long toes.

After making our way down the small hill to the base of the falls, the sun was directly behind Colleen. Any photographer will tell you that the sun being behind your subject isn't your most ideal light source. We tried to cheat by using some varying angles, but they just weren't showing the falls like I wanted.

At this point I decided it was probably better to use the entire area as a location instead of just the falls. We made our way over to some rocks along the river. One of the rocks (the darker one) was burning hot - too much so to have Colleen sit on. Luckily there was a lighter rock on the opposite side and it wasn't nearly as bad. Colleen sat down and we shot quite a few photos.

With sweat literally running down the both of us, we looked for other spots to shoot. Truth be told, I was looking to hurry the set along at this point. I was soaked and I know Colleen was uncomfortable baking away in the sun. We ended up finding a few more rock formations along the pathways and made use of them. Once I felt like I had an adequate number of photos I said, "Let's go enjoy the air conditioner in my car!"

Colleen agreed and we made the short walk back. Luckily my car is small and the air conditioning doesn't take long at all to kick in. After only a few minutes we were both feeling much better.

"Can I see the pictures," Colleen asked as the vents blasted me in the face.

"Over a foot rub," I insisted.

"Sure," she said spinning her feet to my lap.

I asked her if she wanted me to open the hatch to go get some lotion, but she told me she had some in her purse. She handed it to me and I began doing what I do - rubbing a girl's feet like a champ.

Colleen was so busy checking out her photos that I snapped a quick shot of her feet in my hand for Instagram. They were so soft and moist with the lotion not yet dry.

I showed Colleen the picture and she laughed. She told me I should be a masseuse. I told her I wouldn't be limited to only attractive females with pretty feet, like her, and she realized my point. I just kept on rubbing.

After she found a few photos that she wanted me to send her, I gave her my iPhone and told her to snap one of me smelling her feet. She took a cute one and I stuck that on Instagram. Yeah, I have to boast every once in a while!

With that we were on our way back home. Naturally, Colleen had to keep putting her slender feet all over my dashboard as a distraction, which I photographed for Instagram too. Colleen was also nice enough to leave toe prints all over my passenger side windshield. Guess she was marking her turf? Or maybe it was just something to remember her by?

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