Monday's Shoot - Rachel DD (New Model)

If you've been keeping up with the Soles of Silk blogs since I began earlier this year you know I post a blog each day I shoot mentioning how the day went with a sample photo from each set done. Well, I was unable to write a "Today's Shoot" titled blog from Monday's sets as I didn't get home to about 2 a.m. on Tuesday. Then on Tuesday I had to work, had the site to update, and also attended a minor league baseball game. So here I am finally getting to share all the great sets I did on Monday with the site's newest model, Rachel DD.

For those that frequent other fetish sites and Clips4Sale stores, you may recognize Rachel. I met her on Twitter (@ModelRachelDD) in the winter of 2012 and saw she is from my hometown area of Baltimore. We spoke online and agreed that once the weather got warmer we'd have to plan to do some sets. Luckily for me when I wrote the "Would Love to Shoot #4" blog last week, Rachel gave it a read and contacted me about shooting. She told me she would be moving out of town in a little over a week and wanted to know if I'd be able to squeeze her in soon. Having two models who wanted to reschedule their shoots already this week, it left me with Monday open. That's what we went with and what you'll find below is what we ended up doing.

As usual the forecast was calling for 40-50% chance of thunderstorms. I really wanted to shoot outside, but didn't want to have to come up with last minute plans if the rain came. I booked a hotel suite, but told Rachel that we'd try to shoot outside for a bit and then do some back at the hotel. She liked the idea and that is how Monday played out.

After meeting Rachel we stopped back at the hotel to drop off some of our stuff. She grabbed a few outfits for our outdoor sets and we were on our way to the first location - a track at a local high school.

Rachel's sweaty feet after a workout.

When we arrived at the track there were a number of people walking around. We were getting started a little bit later than I had wanted, but with the hotel check in at 3 p.m., I decided it was just better to start late in case it rained. Of course it hadn't rained all day, but after walking on the track for a little bit while talking about Soles of Silk and foot modeling, we made our way into the nearby stands and we felt a light drizzle. Just my luck, but it passed in no time.

Rachel was wearing a pair of the brightest running shoes and before long she began sliding her feet out to show off her bare heels. No, Rachel was not wearing socks, so all you sweaty feet fans out there, rejoice!

Before long Rachel had her shoes off entirely and was baring her soles to me for the first time. I had seen them quite a few times online, but seeing them in person was amazing. At a size 6, her feet are so tiny and totally look the part. And watching her spread her toes was the cutest thing. Some girls have toes that fly open with ease. Others struggle. And then you have some who can't seem to spread them at all. Rachel is in the struggle group as they'll open up, but she playfully tries to keep them flared open for the camera. It's so fun to watch.

After getting a bunch of shots of her moist feet we shot a video clip and then were on our way to our next location. Some of the clouds were a little too dark for my liking and I wanted to get in at least one more outdoor set.

Rachel showing her soles at a shopping center.

When we got to our next location, which was a shopping center, we found it to be on the slower side. I had shot in this area before with Carlin years ago for her shoe shopping set (Sample 01 / Sample 02), but with Rachel I tried to focus on slightly different spots.

With only a few people in sight Rachel stuck her feet out and we began her second set. She had on a rather unique pair of sandals, the style of which, I wouldn't know. They reminded me of an American Indian's clothes. No other model has worn anything like that on Soles of Silk  so I told her to start with them on. You can kind of see them in the bottom right corner of the sample picture above.

Before long Rachel was barefoot again and sticking her feet over the back end of numerous benches. I'm sure people that happened to pass by saw us, but neither of us cared. And to be kind of honest, sometimes it feels neat to have a girl sticking her feet clearly into my camera out in public and people seeing me focused right on them. I wouldn't doubt that a few guys with foot fetishes have passed me in all the years I've been shooting for Soles of Silk.

At this point the sky was getting more and more gray. We probably could have squeezed in another quick outdoor set, but the only location I had scouted, a Light Rail train stop, had a permanent police officer on duty. I wasn't sure if we'd get bothered, so we decided to just go back to the hotel.

Rachel looking cute in her zombie pajamas.

After a short break we jumped right into the third set - one I hadn't even planned on until right before I left to meet Rachel. Months ago I bought a cute pair of zombie pajamas at the mall that I wanted someone to wear at some point on the site. I showed Rachel a picture of the outfit and she was in love. I grabbed a few other zombie themed props to add to the set, most notably some graphic novels.

It was at the start of this set where one of those on shoot stories you'll always remember happened. Rachel insisted she wanted to shave her legs real quick as I guess she missed a spot? Well, she ended up cutting herself open and it would not stop bleeding. She felt so bad, but I teased her telling her we could play it off as a zombie bite. And sitting here now, I could have explained it as it was a zombie with a foot fetish that got her leg. Yeah, I'm the king of cheesy stuff.

Well, it took a long while, but she finally stopped bleeding and we were on our way. I loved how cute Rachel looked in the pajama set. And being a comic book fan, I'm always game to incorporate my nerdy side into shoots. We shot quite a few photos for this one and got in a clip to end it.

For the fourth set I was trying to find somewhere different to shoot than the bedroom. I moved over to the staircase leading to the upstairs room, but I just didn't like the lighting and thought the spot limited poses. So it was back to the bedroom we went.

Rachel tugging at her fencenet stockings.

The only thing I knew I wanted for this set was Rachel in some cute lingerie. She brought numerous outfits and we went with a frilly black and purple one. I just so happened to bring some purple fencenet stockings, so we went with those too. Variety is a great thing!

Since Rachel had her bag of outfits pulled out, I said we should use it in the set. While showing off her fencenet clad feet, she could be organizing her other outfits - the ones that were a little too revealing for a Soles of Silk shoot. Yeah Rachel, those see through ones that show off the girls.

Most of this set had Rachel in the fencenets, but she did pull them off by the end. She did some fun tugging shots, stretching them between her toes and teeth too.

At this point it was getting very late. Rachel and I spent quite a bit of time shooting the bull as we're both chatty individuals. I warned her that once I get to know someone, I can be talkative. She said the same held true for her. But I had no complaints. She had been nothing but fun and I was enjoying my time shooting as well as getting to know her.

Rachel smashing carrot cake under her feet.

For the last shoot we moved to the kitchen area of the suite. I pulled out a carrot cake out of the refrigerator and before long she had that cake smashed under her pretty feet.

Earlier in the day I sent her a text about smashing some food under her feet and suggested a carrot cake as I was staring right at one in the grocery store. She said it would be fun, so I made the purchase.

Fast forward back to the shoot and I have two messy size 6 feet in front of me and a cute blonde who is having a blast. These shoots are always so much fun, even if the food smashing thing isn't my most favorite when it comes to the fetish. Girls always seem to enjoy it and Rachel sure was.

It was during this shoot that I stopped for a quick Instagram (@SolesofSilk) picture. I had done a few during the earlier shoots too, but had an idea here. I snapped a picture of Rachel's feet in the now mushy mess. I posted that the first person on Instagram to tell me what kind of cake Rachel smashed in the picture would get a free one month membership to the site. It didn't take long with a few people saying carrot cake.

With five sets in the books and one tired photographer, I told Rachel we were done for the night. I set the camera down and grabbed her little feet. With all the carrot cake and icing smashed into her soles and toes, I massaged it right in. I had promised her a foot massage and thought it would be cute to do it with her feet all messy. She, however, decided to call me out on her Twitter page (@ModelRachelDD) afterward Tweeting, "Great shoot today w/ @SolesofSilk :-) Although wish we had more time 4 that #footrub I was promised! Guess means we gotta shoot again ;)."

Once the unique massage was over we began to clean up and gather our belongings. When shooting a bunch of sets I sometimes feel like I am moving in/out with all the stuff the models and I bring. Always nervous I'm leaving something behind, I did a few quick checks and then began carrying stuff out to the car. It was raining (began during the carrot cake shoot), so at least the forecast was somewhat right. Just glad it held out so I could take some great photos of the site's newest model, Rachel DD.