1K Club - Charlee's Footgraphy

Charlee really does LOVE posing for you.

In a blog feature back in May titled, "Soon to Join the 1K Club," I mentioned three models on the site who would be going over the 1,000 photo mark on the site without a doubt this year. Well, the first of those three models, Charlee, joined that club with the latest update on Soles of Silk.

Before I began the site's blog, I used to maintain a columns section in the Soles of Silk members area. Whenever a model would reach 1,000 photos I would do what became known as a "footgraphy." I made up the term based off of the filmographies you see online, or included in DVD bonus materials.

Since Charlee is the first model to go over the 1,000 photo mark since I started the blog, this might be your first taste of the footgraphies. The reason I do them is because I want to give models who have regularly posed for me the credit they deserve. The 1,000 photo mark seemed like a good benchmark for longevity.

Now, onto Charlee's footgraphy.

There are only a small handful of models on Soles of Silk who have posed for as many, or more photos than Charlee. I could see right away when she began posing that she was going to be a regular. With one exception of taking, oh, about nine months off, Charlee has been one of the site's mainstays since her debut in 2009. Sitting at 1,059 photos, Charlee is now the site's 10th model to join the 1K Club. Those models are (in order of photos):

  1. Cierra: 2,075 photos
  2. Mindee: 1,911 photos
  3. Madison: 1,832 photos
  4. Layla: 1,802 photos
  5. Kellie: 1,610 photos
  6. Wendy: 1,421 photos
  7. Jordana: 1,266 photos
  8. Kayleigh: 1,241 photos
  9. Kimmie: 1,094 photos
  10. Charlee: 1,059 photos <---
When Charlee debuted in 2009 she did so at the barely legal age of 18. In all honesty, I just texted her to ask if that sounded right. I knew she was only 18 when she did her first sets, but it just felt like she's been part of the site longer than four years. She said 2009 was the year she turned 18, so that would be the year. She sure did climb fast!

I remember shooting Charlee's first sets and there are times when you come away with a story that you'll never forget. That first shoot was one of them. We got together on a hot day and decided that for her debut, Charlee should rub popsicles all over her slender feet. Yes, she was having quite a bit of fun right off the bat. Anyhow, that part went according to plan. But where the memorable story comes from was how all the popsicles turned her feet green. 

Charlee said after that shoot, "My feet look like the Hulk's."

We tried forever to get her feet clean while still on location with wipes, soap, and the water from our water bottles. It just didn't work. It was funny watching her try though. Long story short, we ended up back at my place with her feet in the bathtub. That got the green off in only a few minutes.

I could go on here for ages with other memorable stories from shoots with Charlee, but I've gone over each and every shoot on all the gallery pages within the site. I would, however, like to take a little trip down memory lane and showcase each and every set that she has done on the site. The shoots will be listed in the order that we shot them, not necessarily the order in which they were posted. This list will also include two unposted sets -  both of which I have included a sample shot from above and below this blog.

Here is a look back at Charlee's awesome work to date:

As you can see by the sample links above, Charlee has really come into her own over the years. She was a hit right away, but like many of the models on the site, I think she's only gotten better with each and every set. Sure, seeing a new girl pop onto the scene is always a blast - like it was when she was rubbing those popsicles all over her feet - but there is something to be said for the veterans too. 

There are so many words I could use to describe Charlee's sets and personality. Not all the girls I've shot can pull it off, but she can. Like a girl who has some fun? You should have been there to watch her squish fruit between her toes and almost slip and fall on her ass. Prefer an exhibitionist? Well, Charlee sure doesn't mind sticking her soles out at my camera at a crowded amusement park or smack dab in the middle of Washington, D.C. How about a tease? Yeah, Charlee really excelled at her size tease set and has said numerous times that she wants to do more of them. If you like your girls in pairs, Charlee works well with others as she and Jamie kicked some ass (and balls too - and no, not those kind) in the two sets they did together. And how could I forget? If you like a girl who lets you nibble on her toes... oh wait, Charlee only gave into that once. Bragging rights! What? I'm not allowed to boast? Boast that after years of insisting she was too ticklish to let someone suck on her toes or lick her soles, that she spoiled her photographer and finally gave in. Okay, I won't talk about that. But I got a couple of photos she took that used to be my avatar over on Wu's Feetlinks Forum. Just saying...

With all that being said, it's about time to wrap this up. I have to go figure out where I'm going to take Charlee when we shoot on August 4. It will be nice to get to see her dreamy soles again. It's been too long since we last shot and too long since I last got my hands around those caramel colored feet. She's come to love and expect my foot rubs. August 4 is sure going to be a good day!

Charlee's smelly feet fresh from her shoes.