Wu Feature History - Aspen (2013)

The following is part of a series of blogs that will look back at all the feature sets from Soles of Silk that have appeared on Wu's Feetlinks and the girls who made them a success. Carmen got the ball rolling in 2006 and every year since, Soles of Silk has had a set featured on Wu's Feetlinks - the most recent of which stars Aspen. In the last entry we saw Kayleigh celebrating the end of the school year. In this one, Aspen represents the USA while having some fun in the falls...

Aspen is more breathtaking than the falls behind her

2013 Feature: Star Spangled Cutie

Model: Aspen
Shoe Size: 8

With the exception of Ryan, most of the girls who have posed for Wu's feature sets from Soles of Silk have been my more established models. And while Aspen has been a ball of fire posing for more than 500 pictures already, the fact remains that she's been on the site less than a year (August 2012). Be that as it may, she's one of the most deserving girls on Soles of Silk to represent the site. She's been nothing but dependable and energetic about posing since Day One.

While I won't go into details about how this set came to be, as I will be posting an entire blog about that, I will say this location is one of the most beautiful I've used for any set I have ever done. It wasn't even one we intended to use, but again, that's what the blog titled, "The Epic Adventure of Shooting Aspen's Feature" is all about. Make sure to give that a read.

Sadly, I will be out of town for about a week right when this set is scheduled to be posted. While on the road I will try my hardest to keep tabs on all your feedback on the site's Twitter (@SolesofSilk) and the Wu's Feetlinks Forum. Aspen is also really looking forward to reading it as well. She's so proud of this set and rightfully so - she looks beautiful!

Aspen bares her drenched soles

This concludes the Wu Feature History series. We'll have to wait another year to see which Soles of Silk model might be making an appearance in the 2014 feature set. Any suggestions? Who would you like to see? There are so many girls on the site who deserve a time to shine as Carmen, Kimmie, Kellie, Madison, Cierra, Mindee, Ryan, Kayleigh, and Aspen have. Only time will tell...