Monday's Shoot - Ryan

If you've been keeping up with the Soles of Silk Blog you might remember a five part series I did called Soles of Silk Model Statuses (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). In the fifth part I covered Ryan, who hadn't posed since her Christmas set with Aspen in late 2012 (Sample 01 / Sample 02). In the blog I said, "Why I don't have more photos of Ryan is beyond me," and then added that I aimed to get her in front of my camera more often in 2013.

In May I began planning out some shoots ahead of time. When Ryan penciled herself in to shoot on Monday, June 10, it was a day I was looking forward to instantly. We began tossing around ideas and decided it was time for her to finally do her roller coaster themed set. In addition, a member requested for her to do workout set, so we wanted to make that happen too.

Fast forward a few weeks and I had back-to-back shoots planned. The first one, yesterday, was supposed to be with a friend of mine who was set to pose for the first time. Well, she ended up being sick, so we decided to postpone. At least I still had Ryan set to shoot the following day.

Since my day was now free, I began doing some odds and ends. During the course of the day I looked at my iPhone and saw that it was calling for rain all day tomorrow. I sent Ryan a text and needless to say, she was also bummed out. This was something we were both really looking forward to. But instead of canceling, I told her we should just wait until morning and see what's going on. I really didn't want miss out on back-to-back shoots.

It didn't take too long for 9:30 a.m. to come around. Immediately after my alarm went off, Ryan was texting me about how crappy it looked outside. I pulled the curtain and just shook my head. I asked her what she wanted to do and she suggested putting the amusement park on hold, obviously. She still wanted to try to do the workout set though. Then, if we were lucky, maybe squeeze in something else - like a muddy feet one. I agreed and then got myself ready.

Shortly thereafter I made my way to Ryan's house and picked her up. She was already in her workout clothes, sporting a pair of teal running shoes. She wasn't wearing any socks and even asked if she was supposed to be. I said no, knowing it would help make her feet sweat a little more since it was so muggy outside.

Luckily for us the rain was nothing more than a mist off and on at this time. We made our way to a college we knew had a nice track. I parked my car and we had a short walk ahead of us to get to the track. And when we got there, we found two guys out on the field doing some football drills. Normally this wouldn't have bothered me, but the one bench I wanted to use for the set had their bags laying all over. So while we figured out what we wanted to do, we walked around the track for a bit.

While walking the track I was aware of two things. The first being that the two guys on the field might leave soon and then we can take over the bench. And the second, most important item, was the Ryan's sockless feet were getting nice and warm in those shoes. It wasn't the hottest of days, but it sure was humid.

After walking for a while it looked like the football guys weren't going anywhere. I suggested we just make our way into the grand stands instead. Ryan agreed and we made our way over. No sooner did we get to the stands did the rain just let loose. Good thing there was a small area nearby with some cover as we went and stood there to avoid getting drenched. At the same time, however, the guys on the field grabbed their stuff and left. I suggested we wait to see if the rain would die off. About 10 minutes later it did and we had the track and field to ourselves.

Ryan's damp feet fresh from her running shoes

With the bench clear we began using it for photos. I made sure to do a number of pictures with Ryan in her shoes before taking them off. It's like a tease knowing her warm, damp feet were in there just waiting to breathe. So when Ryan began popping those heels out, I knew this set was going to be a good one. It's the first time I ever did a workout set following/during a rain storm. I just had a certain appeal to it to where Ryan might not be covered in sweat, but her feet sure were moist and warm in those shoes. You can even see the shoe lines all over her feet in the picture above since her feet were in those shoes for so long due to the above circumstances.

About three-quarters the way through the shoot it began to lightly drizzle. By that time Ryan was barefoot, so you began seeing little beads of water all over her alluring feet, among other places of interest. 

Once we wrapped up this shoot we drove back to Ryan's place so she could dry off and freshen up. We had another shoot to plan and I suggested doing it over some lunch as I was starving.

While we ate we tossed around some nearby locations for our next shoot. But while we ate, it began to pour its ass off. We took our time, hoping the rain would subside and it eventually did.

Not really coming up with an exact location during lunch we just decided to drive and see what we could find. About 10 minutes later we were close to a location I had used in the past for a number of shoots with Carmen, Olivia, and Kellie. I knew we could find another spot to use here, but with the skies on the darker side and lots of trees, we had to stick to the areas out in the open. That's when we decided to shoot on the footbridge that was in the background in one of Kellie's recent sets in a creek (Sample 01 / Sample 02).

Ryan's feet minutes before a storm soaked us

The bridge was one of the few lit areas we found doing a quick survey, but as soon as we began shooting, we could hear some thunder off in the distance. The clouds really began rolling and you could even see some fog down on the muddy churning water below - the same water that was full of rocks in Kellie's set, which you couldn't see at all with the height of the water.

About 40 pictures into this set the rain was really starting to fall. Lightning started flashing off an on too, so we decided to try and shoot a quick 10 more photos and call it a set. And literally 10 photos later the skies soaked us all at once. I tucked my camera into my shirt and we jogged back to the car to escape the rain.

It really wasn't a set that we intended to shoot, but for what it's worth, it came out quite nice. I know there are a lot of people that like wet and/or slightly dirty soles, so this will certainly appeal to them. Also, she had on blue jeans and I know many of you love a barefoot girl in blue jeans too.

Although Ryan and I had to change our plans last minute this morning, we're still planning on doing the roller coaster set in the next few weeks. I just hope the weather cooperates that day so I can have three sets of Ryan in the books waiting to go online. I also told Ryan to find me a day in the months to come so we can try to spend a day doing a few more sets too. My quest to have more sets with Ryan has begun and I will see it through. I know Ryan sure doesn't mind!


  1. I'll bet those Nike's smelled great. Thanks!

  2. Love Ryan! Beautiful girl! Are her feet ticklish!


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