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I'm looking forward to shooting Layla with a brand new model to the site, Kerri Taylor.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Having been an entertainment editor for a newspaper for a few years and conducting the sole mate interviews on this site, I have gotten quite used to asking the questions people want to know. But when I opened my e-mail the other day I had someone seeking to interview me. This gentleman has conducted a number of interviews and stated he had a special interest in the leg and foot genre. His writing can be found on Collanter Magazine. I will keep you informed of this interview. I am looking forward to this. It should be fun!

As I am writing this I am counting down these last several hours before I head out to shoot the site's newest model, Danaya. Danaya will be Soles of Silk's first African American model. I have been seeking a black model for ages, even back when I ran The 10 Little Piggies, without any luck. I have had a few agree and never get back to me or keep saying yes and never be open. I am very excited about having Danaya here. She's posed on DC Fetish Girls and it turns out she lives very close to me. I hope this is the start of regular posts for her.

Speaking of The 10 Little Piggies, do any of you who remember that site remember Wendy? She was perhaps my most popular model from that site. Well, she has agreed to pose for Soles of Silk and we are hoping to get together on May 7 for her shoot. She is a cutie with some NICE size 8's!

I have also been talking with Lauryn, as I had stated in an earlier column. She is excited about posing again and we are trying to set a date as well.

This Sunday is also going to be a fun time as I will be shooting another new model for the site. Some of you might have seen Kerri Taylor on sites like Feet Fair, but as of Sunday, she will also be a sole mate. Kerri will not be alone, however. Layla will also be present as I will be photographing both girls, together and separate.

Movie section update

The response to the video clips has been quite positive. I have been putting in some time here getting the new header bars ready for the site's rebuild. But as with any project, when I change one thing, I have to go and fix/alter some of the other items too. I have a good feeling the new look will please many of you. It will be the same basic thing with some cosmetic changes.

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