Monday's Shoot - Leah & Dakota (New Model)

Since Soles of Silk debuted in 2004 I have worked mostly with friends, co-workers, and classmates as far as models are concerned. During that time, I've had some of those models tell their friends and/or family about what they do, which in turn, made some of those people interested in joining them. It's happened numerous times and it has happened yet again.

A few months ago Leah told me about her friend, Dakota. Dakota thought Leah's photos looked fun and told her to tell me that she was interested. We touched base soon after and have been chatting on and off for a bit. On Monday, February 12, 2024, she became the site's newest model.

So through Leah, I met Dakota. And when you think about it, through Alice I met Leah. It's great when you have people coming to you wanting to shoot. And guess what? Through Dakota, I might be working with her daughter. Yes, that's right. Another mother/daughter combo could be coming to the site this year. That will mark the third duo after Mindee and Shelby and then Shelby and Dolly.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves, though. Here is a recap of the four sets Leah and Dakota did on Monday.

Set 1: Valentine's Tickle

Meeting up right before Valentine's Day, I knew it would be the perfect way to debut a new model. It's been a while since I shot a duo for the site, so why not for Valentine's? I also made sure to go with a theme I've been asked to do for some time now. Tickling.

As you can see, the bed was covered in feathers for this one. Dressed in their heart onesies and wearing mismatched clear socks, Leah and Dakota had a go at each other's feet - both in socks and bare. Believe me, those socks were too thin to shield the tickling.

Set 2: X-Box Gamer Girl

I'm a gamer and own a lot of older consoles. I always bought every major console since my college days. I even went and collected a bunch of the older ones in the early days of eBay. You know, back when you had to send money orders and could easily find good deals?

In the past I have models shoot with some of these consoles, including Leah. Last year Leah did a set with my PlayStation 1. This time around, I thought it would be fun to go green and have Dakota shoot with my original XBox - Duke controllers and all!

Stocking fans will like this one too as I found a bright green pair for Dakota to wear. The big "X" patterns in the stockings seemed perfect.

Set 3: Cock Tease

Leah loves to tease. You all know it by now with her countless blue ball, Queen of Spades, and ballbusting themes. Well, add another one to the mix with some cocks because well, she's a cock tease.

Let's just leave this description short, kind of like those white roosters. But not that brown one. Nope!

Set 4: Make Boys Cry

When chatting with Dakota about what themes we could do on Monday, I sent some photos of Leah's past sets to her via text. She loved the Ball Busting Legend set shot last year. It was my favorite set of 2023, so I was not surprised. It was so cute and colorful!

Anyhow, I told Dakota how much Leah loved the theme and one day, if Dakota wanted, she could do one with her. Dakota basically asked, "Why wait?"

I told Dakota that I didn't want to throw any naughty themes her way her first time just in case she wanted to just keep things tame and simple. She assured me she'd love to do it, so I got to work planning out the set. One thing we didn't do, however, was tell Leah. 

Leah had agreed with me on keeping Dakota's first shoot tame and letting Dakota warm up to possibly doing some of the more naughty/adult themes. Even though I still keep them clean overall, I always respect a model's limits and comfort with what we shoot. Little did she know, Dakota wanted to shoot it bad.

It wasn't until these two were ready to shoot the final set that Leah learned the theme would be another blue ball, ballbusting theme. Her face lit up and she was so excited. Doing one with Dakota certainly made it even more fun in her eyes. Let's just say, the two of them had a blast! Or would that be a "bust?"

Dakota is excited about shooting again and Leah is always itching to do more. I'm sure you'll see these two solo and teaming up quite a bit moving forward. Thanks for a fun day ladies. See you both again soon.

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