Thursday's Shoot - Roxy

Back in early October Roxy made her Soles of Silk debut. We had been talking about shooting for months and finally made it happen. I didn't want to wait too long for us to shoot again, however, especially with cold weather on the horizon. Luckily we lucked out today with temperatures in the low 70's. What we didn't realize when we set out today was that there was some rain slated for 3 p.m. 

Some rain did eventually fall and did so while we shot. We made the most of it though shooting three more sets. Here's a look at what the two of us were able to do in only a few hours with the changing weather conditions.

Set 1: Blue Balls: The Escape

It's been a No Nut November kind of month on Soles of Silk. This week Kelsey stomped on and slapped the same squishy blue balls you see Roxy holding above. Next week's update will have Leah smashing them while wearing a pair of blue thigh high stockings. Why not turn that pair of blue ball stomping sets into a trio?

Blue balls, meet Roxy!

Wanting to do something a little different than Kelsey's and Leah's sets, Roxy wore a cute pair of animal print sneakers out on some bleachers. The results were the same, however. Two blue balls flattened under two cute feet. Well, when they weren't slipping off the bleachers, that is. Quite a few times those balls tried to run from Roxy's "loving" stomps and slaps. I guess by now, they're pretty beaten and battered and couldn't take anymore of the teasing and torture. 

This set will be hitting the site this month, following up Kelsey's and Leah's sets. You better not have cheated this month! Only a few more weeks left.

Set 2: Clear & Purple Boots w/ Bling

Roxy loves flashy things and well, things don't get much flashier than the boots she brought along with her today. I could say they're purple and I wouldn't be wrong. I could say they're clear and I wouldn't be wrong. I could say they're covered in bling and I wouldn't be wrong. They're all those things, which makes them some of the most unique footwear I have ever photographed.

I've been wanting to shoot more sets with boots regardless, so I was more than happy to have Roxy wear these today. Their uniqueness only added to the set. I can't wait to see what other kind of strange and/or unique footwear Roxy owns for use in future sets. Speaking of Roxy's footwear...

Set 3: Pink Heels & Gray Skies

For our last set we were running short on time before rain was slated to move into the area. Skies were so clear while shooting the blue balls set to start our day. Then 15 minutes after finishing up and moving onto the boots set, clouds began to move in. It was during that set, however, that I could see how dark the skies were turning off in the distance. We had to get moving.

This final set saw Roxy sporting a pair of metallic pink heels that feature a clear portion that showcased her sparkly silver toes. There was also some jewels on top the shoes and even on the heels themselves that made these shoes rather unique as well.

Not wanting to waste any time, Roxy stuck those high heel-clad feet right out at my camera to kick things off. We shot a bunch of photos with her in the heels before pulling the straps to remove them from her feet. It was during that time that the first few drops of rain began to fall. A few minutes later, a steady light drizzle was landing on the both of us. That didn't stop us from shooting a video clip while it rained, though. 

For only having a few hours and shooting some simple themes close to home, I think today's shoot with Roxy resulted in some great new content for the site. I can't wait to have her back in front of the camera again. And one of these days I need to pair her up with Kelsey for some fun team ups. I know the both of them are looking forward to it too.

Sadly we didn't have enough time for me to give Roxy her long-overdue foot rub. I've been promising one her since we began talking about shooting months ago. Long car rides home, work, and rain have stood in the way. One of these days, Roxy, one of these days... I promise!

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