Monday's Shoot - Kelsey

A few weeks ago I teased on Twitter (@SolesofSilk) that Kelsey and I would be shooting some new content. We ultimately had to push our plans back, but the both of us were eager to make those plans happen. We decided to postpone to Monday, November 6, 2023, which was yesterday. We managed to shoot five new sets.

With temperatures in the lower to mid 50's, it was a little chilly. Still, we made the most of it and I loved the results. This has been the case with all of Kelsey's shoots the last couple of years. Ever since her big return, she's been shooting her best content. 

A lot of you have expressed just how much you love her sets and that you cannot wait to see all the ones I tease in these shoot recaps. Well, here are five more sets that fans are surely going to want to see. Let's take a look at them now.

Set 1: Blue Socks & a Red Shirt This Time

The last time Kelsey and I shot we shot a set with her wearing bright red knee high socks and a blue shirt. The color contrast really popped. Having a similar pair of blue knee high socks, I wanted to do the opposite this time around. Kelsey brought a red hoodie (it was chilly) and we did a sister set to the original in the same "basic" area where we shot the first.

I put "basic" in quotes because my aim was to shoot this set on the same exact bench where we did the first set. Sadly, the shadows were too harsh to use in that location. I did a couple of test shots and the bars from the bench cast shadows all over Kelsey. She looked like a zebra. No good! We decided to walk further down the trail and use a different bench instead.

Set 2: Black Flats

Kelsey brought so many pairs of footwear along yesterday, including a pair of black flats. Our plans were to do several sets with sneakers, but she threw the flats in her bags too just in case we found a use for them. And we did.

Years ago I shot a set of Mindee on a boardwalk in boots. The boardwalk was part of a trail and we just so happened to be close to that location. I tossed out the idea of using the spot and that's when Kelsey mentioned the flats and the outfit she brought along to go with them. The more I thought about the idea, the more I liked it. It would be different than a lot of what we've shot the last two years.

I didn't mention it above, but while shooting a video clip of Kelsey pulling off her socks after the first set, a woman walked up on us. We didn't notice her approaching, so she clearly could see me filming Kelsey's feet. Well, the same thing happened here with another woman. 

This woman was walking the boardwalk and came up directly behind Kelsey. Since I was laying on my stomach at her feet and looking through the view finder, I didn't see her until she walked out from behind her to go around us. Once again it was so evident that I was filming video of Kelsey's feet. Seems to be a trend with our outdoor shoots lately.

Set 3: Sneakers!

In the weeks leading up to our shoot, then our postponement, the plan for this day was to shoot several sets featuring sneakers. With that in mind, Kelsey brought along four pairs yesterday. We managed to shoot sets with three of them. There is a reason for doing all these sneaker sets, which I will share at the conclusion of this shoot recap.

The first pair of sneakers Kelsey threw on yesterday featured some pale purple shades with bright white soles. We went without socks for this, as we often do. Just like her sneaker and no socks sets over the last two years, I loved seeing her thick soles and plump toes slowly come into view from inside her shoes. I'm sure my fellow sneakers with no socks fans will agree.

Set 4: More Sneakers!

Even though I'm a sucker for the sneakers and no socks sets, the last time Kelsey and I shot she mentioned doing one with socks for a change. She was totally right. There are so many people who love socks and of course, sneakers with socks. This time around I wanted to include socks with at least one of her sneaker sets again. 

If these socks look familiar it is because they came in the same pack as the ones used the last time Kelsey shot. The last pair featured some teal coloration on the socks, but these ones were strictly black and gray.

These sneakers are much more worn than ones Kelsey has used in most of her previous sneaker sets. Kelsey mentioned that they might be too beat up and worn, but then said, "You probably like that though." 

She is right and I assured her that plenty of her fans would too. She wants to buy a brand new pair of the same exact shoes because she likes them so much. I jokingly told her she should gift these ones to her favorite foot fan. Maybe it wasn't a joke though. I wonder where I'd put them?

Set 5: Even More Sneakers!

Even though you can't see them in this photo, our last set of the day was a third one featuring sneakers. We had just enough time to squeeze in one last set if we didn't screw around. We went with a playground far away from everyone at the park we used for all the sneaker sets.

Due to our time restraint, I decided to shoot this one without socks. Having to take off shoes and socks does eat up more time than just doing one or the other. Well, unless you cut out some barefoot shots and I'm not about that life.

So for those of you wondering why all the sneaker sets this day, especially since Kelsey has done several others over the last two years, it is based off an idea the two of us came up with that we think would be cute. We want to shoot a set of Kelsey with a huge pile of sneakers, all of which she wore in previous sets. We think it would make for a fun way to tie them all together. And yes, this means she'll be putting them on all over again and mismatching them.

As for the sneakers we didn't get to shoot yesterday, I told Kelsey we can save those, along with other pairs she has, and of course, any new ones she buys for future sets and a follow up shoe pile set. We could turn this all into a fun little series. 

With these five sets from yesterday, Kelsey is running away with the lead for the top spot for 2023's Star Models. I do have some shoots planned with Roxy and Leah coming up too, but Kelsey aren't done. We are planning something for December that includes that shoe pile set, along with a bunch of others we've come up with this year and just haven't been able to shoot yet. I think it's safe to say that it's pretty much a done deal at this point with the 17 sets she's already shot, plus whatever new ones we manage in December. Still, I wish we had done more. Guess we will just have to make up for that in 2024.

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