Monday's Shoot - Leah

It wasn't even a month ago that Leah and I met up for her last shoot. We shot four amazing sets, which was some of Leah's best work, in my opinion. With that being said, I was so happy that the two of us were able to find some time to shoot again so soon.

Just like in August, Leah was on fire on Monday, modeling for three more memorable sets. I have a funny feeling that you'll be seeing a lot of Leah in my "Favorite Sets of 2023" end of the year blog. If you're familiar with her four sets from last month and when you add in these three, you'll understand why.

Set 1: White Out

For those of you loved the August 31, 2023 update featuring Leah wearing black stockings underneath a pair of black fence net stockings, then this set will be right up your alley. Since Leah and I loved that set so much we figured we'd do it again. This time, in white. 

Just like the black version, this set has Leah up on the bed in white lingerie tugging off four stockings one at a time. What I love most about both these sets is seeing the different stocking combinations in various states of removal. I also think the smooth texture of the standard stockings underneath the wide netting of the fence nets is visually appealing.

This set is definitely Yang to the previous set's Yin. Maybe she should do a Yin and Yang combo with her wearing a black and white combo on each leg in opposites? What do you think? Should we make this a trilogy?

Set 2: Ball Busting Legend

Leah likes to tease. She also likes bois to edge for her, especially when it involves having her feet pampered and worshipped. So I've heard... No comment!

Anyhow, a few weeks ago I found a large set of squishy blue balls and had Kelsey use them in a set, smushing them under her feet. Leah thought it was hilarious. Naturally, I decided that Leah must also use them in one of her sets and beat those balls silly. 

Leah, of course, loved the idea. She liked it even more when I told her I bought her the Ball Busting Legend shirt and blue stockings you see in the sample above. Leah, you certainly are a legend!

Set 3: Size Queen Ice Cream

Speaking of fun shirts, for years I've had the "Size Queen" shirt you see Leah wearing above. It is a spoof on the Dairy Queen logo and was something I wanted to use in a set featuring ice cream. It took a few years to finally make it happen, but I couldn't have asked for a better woman than Leah to do it.

With a few mini-cones of vanilla and jumbo cone of chocolate, Leah makes it well-known which flavor and size cone she prefers. I don't think I need to explain. Just look at which flavor/size is left to melt and "watch" her enjoy the other, if you will.

For all you Leah fans out there, what set from this shoot, or even last month's, are you looking forward to seeing the most? Her Tarot Cards set will be published this week, so you still have her Playstation 1 and Schoolgirl Ballbusting from August and these three above. There's lots more Leah headed your way. I also wouldn't be surprised if Leah is back in front of my camera again soon. Can you blame me for wanting to work with her again? These last two shoots... wow! Just wow!

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