Monday's Shoot - Kelsey

A few weeks ago Kelsey and I had to reschedule a shoot due to extreme heat and her not feeling well. With Leah's shoot already planned for the following week, Kelsey and I decided to aim for the week after her shoot - Monday, September 18, 2023. Thankfully the weather was much cooler this time and we got things under way just after some rain had passed through the region.

Just like her previous shoot, Kelsey and I managed to come away with five new sets. We were also able to shoot a nice variety of themes which should give all of Kelsey's fans something to look forward to. 

Speaking of Kelsey's fans, the line starts with me. She's always been a favorite of mine to shoot and over these last two years, she's done some of her best work. Yesterday was NO exception either! Take a look at these upcoming sets and you'll certainly agree.

Set 1: Going Bananas!

To say the day started off without a hitch would be a lie. The first location we tried to use for this set ended up being a fail. Knowing Kelsey was going to make a mess in this one, the park ranger who drove into the lot as we were setting up gave us a bad vibe. We didn't need him intervening mid-shoot. This cost us about 20 minutes.

Once we arrived at our new destination, we then realized that the baby bananas and plantains I wanted to include with the bananas in this set weren't ripe enough. The plan was to have bananas, baby bananas, and plantains all in one set and incorporate some size teasing aspects. Instead we dropped that after about 18 photos and began the set over again with just the bananas.

The best part about this set was Kelsey smushing the bananas both barefoot and while wearing a pair of bright pink flip flops. There was banana goo on the bottoms of those flip flops, between her toes, and under her soles. Talk about a gooey mess. She had fun though!

Set 2: More Sneakers w/ No Socks

What would a shoot with Kelsey be without a set featuring her wearing a pair of colorful sneakers without socks? I mean, it would still be awesome, but it would be missing one of my favorite themes. With Kelsey's plump toes and thick soles, I especially love this theme even more. She knows it all too well and is always mentioning shoes of her we can use for future sets.

The pair of shoes you see above are ones Kelsey showed me late last year at her house. I teased her that I smelled them when she wasn't looking. I totally didn't, but that didn't stop me from sniffing them yesterday. And yes, I did it immediately after she tugged them off her moist feet. Can you blame me?

Speaking of moist...

Set 3: Super Slick & Super Soft

Last month Kelsey and I planned to shoot a six sets, but only managed five. The sex set was supposed to feature the Shae oil Allie used during her most recent shoot. Since we ran short on time it ended up being put on the back burner. I insisted we do this time around, however. As always, Kelsey was game.

The location we picked for this set was a park bench out in a small clearing. While the bench is far enough away so no one would be right up on us, that didn't mean people at the nearby parking lot, road, and playground couldn't see what we were up to. We know a guy in a car watched us shoot this entire set. We saw him looking our way every time we glanced in his direction. Oh well. Hope he enjoyed the show. The funny thing is, this wasn't our most visible of the day either. That one came next.

Set 4: All About the Arches

After driving to a couple of spots looking for places to shoot, we saw this strange metal arch sculpture. This sculpture spanned the opening of a trail that ran parallel to the nearby road only a few feet away. It opened at a crosswalk, which ultimately meant if we wanted to do a shoot using this sculpture, we'd be shooting at an intersection. Long story short, we wanted to use the sculpture.

Car after car drove past Kelsey as she took off another pair of sneakers, but this time there were some socks in the mix. I know, socks AND shoes? No way! Yeah, we thought we'd change it up a bit. I hope all the sock fans out there are happy to see them in this set. It was honestly long overdue. And even though I'm huge fan of the sneakers with no socks theme, having socks in this set made it even better. Perhaps I start doing a little more of the shoe/sock combo moving forward.

Kelsey and I didn't stop shooting for any of the cars driving past us. If we had done that, we would still be shooting right now. There were so many cars so I'm sure someone passing by happened to have a foot fetish with it being one of the most widely had fetishes. We're also glad if that person did drive past and see us that they didn't get too distracted to cause an accident.

In addition to the motorists, a few people walking the trail and/or across the crosswalk would have seen us shooting as well. We only stopped when pedestrians were close enough to appear in sets. 

Oh, and we stopped once for a sheriff too. One drove up to us on a four wheeler, but kept going. We wondered if he saw us on a nearby trail camera and came over to see what we were doing. Since he just went on by us, we have no clue, but we're sure he saw her tugging off her last sock during his approach.

Set 5: Seeing Red

With just enough time to shoot one last set we decided to do another one with socks. This one would be without any sneakers though. And instead of ankle socks this one would be with a pair of knee high socks that I let Kelsey pick out. She chose the red ones with white stripes. She thought it would look good with her blue and white shirt. She was 100 percent right too. Having a dark blue shirt made those red socks really pop. 

For a set that we shot faster than all the others due to time, it is one I absolutely love. Mindee and I always had good luck with our spur of the moment sets. They'd often be some of our favorites ones. Well, it looks like that is also true for Kelsey. And if you're wondering how much I like this set, the sample photo above immediately was plastered across my PC's screen as wallpaper.

After Monday's shoot Kelsey currently sits at 12 sets on the year. She and I are far from done too. She's been having a blast getting in all this camera time and I am loving the results. I wouldn't be surprised to see her back for more sets in the next few weeks. The more the merrier!

Oh, and you wouldn't believe how soft Kelsey's feet were yesterday. Between her pedi, lotion, being in her sneakers and socks, and especially the Shae oil, my fingers sunk into her soles like a squishy pillow. Just thought I'd end with that to make everyone jealous.

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